1024 Architecture designs 24 LINES, an art installation for the hall and café at the art centre La Panacée in Montpellier

News Infurma04/07/2013

1024 Architecture (Pierre Schneider and François Wunschel), has designed 24 Lines, an art installation serving as the entrance hall and café for the art centre La Panacée that opened on 22nd June in the middle of Montpellier, on the site of the former Royal College of Medicine. Comprising an oxidized metal structure, bichromated assembly collars, wood and flexible neon lights, 24 Lines is an original work of art, a luminous and organic sculpture, bordering the different areas and functions of the art centre as well as offering a friendly environment conducive to meeting, discussion or a break.

To implement this monumental canopy incorporated by the building, 1024 Architecture used bichromated assembly collars that, once coupled with the oxidized steel pipes, bestow the “crafted” structure with very unusual aesthetics that echo back to the pre-existing elements of the building for the benefit of visitors. The basic structure is covered with birch panels and punctuated with 24 flexible neon lights, the entire length of the forty-metre installation.

More than simply a source of light, this series of luminous lines modulates the atmosphere of the room and adapts to the rhythm and activities of the art centre, providing a luminous performance. The slower light sequences are reminiscent of an organic entity (murmurs, respiration...) whilst faster ones are more dynamic, or even mechanical (beats, crackling...).

Like when Les Grandes Tables on Ile Seguin was fitted out, 1024 Architecture partnered with Ciguë to provide the furniture. The Mullca 510 chair has been revamped by means of a leather seat and back and an oxidized metallic structure. The bases of the bar stools and tables have had oxidative treatment and the stools have bichromated screws.

It is the first permanent installation of its kind for 1024 Architecture, hailed as a work of art in itself.

For further information: www.1024architecture.net

La Panacée, Centre for Contemporary Culture, 14, rue de l’Ecole de Pharmacie, Montpellier www.lapanacee.org


24 Lines (Dimensions: 40 m x 8 m x 3.5m. Materials: oxidized steel, bichromated steel, wood, lighting, flexible neon lights)
Project: 1024 architecture
Artistic designers: Pierre Schneider and François Wunschel
Associated architect: Stéphanie Grimard
Project management: Alban Mallet

Structure - lighting - bar furniture: SIRC
Room furniture: Ciguë
Upholstery: Sidonie Lelièvre
Production: La Panacée, centre for art and contemporary culture - Ville de Montpellier
Photos: © Brice Pelleschi

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