Aidima participates in the European Project Psymbiosys to improve design purposes for workspaces

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AIDIMA Technology Institute participates in the European Project Psymbiosys with 11 partners from 6 European countries. A cloud-based platform will enable the European furniture companies analysing the use of its product to improve its offerings.

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The furniture, wood and packaging Technology Institute, AIDIMA, starts a research focused on analysing and evaluating the use experience of the employees about the office furniture, determining its suitability in a given working habitat, and evaluating to what extend products can be improved to increase the well-being, also providing manufacturer companies with an important tool to increase its customers loyalty.

These activities are part of the 3-year European Project H2020 Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems (PSYMBIOSYS) within the Factories of the Future programme in which AIDIMA participates together with 11 partners* from 6 European countries, so European companies could be better adapted to the needs of its customer through the Product-Service concept, according to the Information Technology staff in AIDIMA.

The objectives of the research and the integration of the results in the companies are complex issues -they remark-, but the main objective is to allow companies to make a track of the products they design and sell, measuring different factors such as ergonomics as a use experience and sentiments as a exceptional experience during the working activities, “with the aim of adapting the working environment to the social needs and the productivity, providing a competitive resource applying this Product-Service concept”, they precise.

SYMBIOtic collaboration

In general terms, the research expectations focus on the competitiveness improvement in the European industry generating an innovative environment with attractive solutions inside a sustainable framework, where the eco-design plays also an important role, and integrating manufacturing intelligence technologies, where the engineering of the Product-Service lifecycle plays a decisive role.

Furniture, aeronautics and automotive

Methods and technologies will be tested and validated in 3 different industrial environments: aeronautics, automotive and furniture. This last will be focused in the office furniture, where the AIDIMA Technology Institute will participate in the development of a system to detect needs, sentiments and improvements to design new spaces and elements adapted to an ad hoc habitat renovation demand of the working environment.

The results of the project will be a set of industrial demonstrators, acquired knowledge, recommendations and guidelines to transfer the innovation and impact strategy produced by PSYMBIOSYS to other sectors and application domains in order to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing companies in the European Union.

Partners Involved:

Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Coordinador
Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik (Germany)
TXT e-Solutions (Italy)
Fraunhofer IAO (Germany)
National Technical University of Athens (Greece)
IBM Israel (Israel)
Innovalia Association (Spain)
Nueva Herramienta de Corte (Spain)
FTI (Germany)
AIDIMA (España)

Source: AIDIMA

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