Water colours: the shifting harmony of the Acquerello sink by Valdama

News Infurma16/05/2019
Water colours: the shifting harmony of the Acquerello sink by Valdama

If items must become small masterpieces of quality and harmony - as shown by Valdama's path over the years, thanks to Prospero Rasulo's art direction - this research on shapes and materials is reflected also in the new Acquerello Collection.

Acquerello is a new sink with soft lines, shaped by the light, that never creates hard shadows, but rather slides over the surfaces in a fluid and natural way. The slightly convex interior, raised from the horizontal surface through a peculiar technical solution, is made with accurately designed proportions and curved details, it combines to the shape of the container-sink.

The most astounding aspect of this project is a classy colour effect: Acquerello can even be a two-tone sink. The interior can be made in a different tone and finish compared to the sink structure. This idea was inspired by the special chromatic sensitivity of the designer, and by his painting and artistic formation, with the intention of enhancing Valdama's project, by offering a more complex interpretation, through unique colour pairings and peculiar shiny/matte textural effects.

Acquerello interacts with the other elements in the room, in an harmonious combination of shapes and colours, just like in a painting. Acquerello is also an open project that can be made on request to meet special needs and colour/decoration requirements.

Source: Valdama
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