The innovative novelties by Häcker Kitchens launched at LivingKitchen 2017

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HäckerKitchensLivingKitchen trade fair display has been dedicated to the motto of “Elements”. The four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth are not only reflected in the specially redesigned logo - the five model kitchens Häcker shown in Cologne also invite you to experience the basic elements of all life with all of your senses.

The four fundamental elements of all life were defined in antiquity. And just like Fire, Water, Air and Earth embodied life in ancient times, the kitchen now symbolises the hub of people's lives. In the kitchen, you sit together with family and friends, cook and enjoy. At the LivingKitchen, HäckerKitchens transfered these aspects to its model kitchens: five kitchens from the “classic” and “systemat” ranges were shown in an exhibition space measuring 550 square metres. Each of these model kitchens symbolises one of the four elements - and also illustrates the huge diversity and amazing quality of the HäckerKitchens kitchen ranges.

“classic”: with a new front design - modern & versatile

For years, the “classic”/”classicArt” kitchen ranges have impressively proven that quality and customised design do not have to be out of the reach of price-conscious customers. At the LivingKitchen, HäckerKitchens presented the new colours, fronts and decors for the 2017 collection - as well as a special highlight, the new front design Integrale. With a thickness of 22mm, Integrale embodies solid stability, yet the design also looks elegant and understated. Another design element are identically sized inset handles positioned in the centre of the cabinet front. On the trade fair exhibition space, type Integrale in the colour White blends into a model kitchen with a cloudy sky canopy that embodies the element Air.

The second “classic” model kitchen, Laser Soft, on the other hand, stands for the element Earth: its green moss wall in combination with warm, natural materials are bang on trend. The new colour shade Mocha Brown goes perfectly with this: its matt lacquer finish not only looks natural but also has a pleasant feel.

“systemat”: the individual design line

With its design line systemat, HäckerKitchens is a trendsetter in the area of customised and contemporary kitchen design. A well-thought-out system with a variable, clearly structured basic scheme greatly expands the scope for kitchen designers with new cabinet front veneers and handleless versions. Three examples of the design freedom “systemat”offers were experienced at the LivingKitchen: with its fireplace, the systemat AV 4070 Bronze in combination with AV 5082 Wild Oak Mocha stands for the element Fire.

Water - the last element - is embodied by the systemat AV 6000, which was shown at the LivingKitchen in Blue Velvet. Apart from the beautiful blue shade of the lacquer finish, it is the sink that is the centrepiece of this model kitchen - another nod towards the trade fair motto, “Elements”.

A fifth kitchen presented the new laminate front finish systemat AV 2065 in Polar White. The new line offers an outstanding, homogenous quality finish and is attractively priced. The laminate fronts feature a striking 45 degree bevelled edge on all sides, and for a uniform overall kitchen look, all shelves and infill panels are also available in a laminate finish with a bevelled edge. Also a perfect match are the new integrated handles that emphasise the linear look of the AV 2065.

At the LivingKitchen, we were illustrating the wide diversity of our ranges with five kitchen examples. You can literally experience kitchens with all your senses on our exhibition space,” says head of sales and marketing Markus Sander. “HäckerKitchens’ ‘Elements’display is an emotional experience. It proves the old saying, ‘Home is where the hearth is’!

Source: Häcker Kitchens

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