Spanish studio Campo Baeza wins at the BigMat International Architecture Awards 2015

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The Grand Prize BigMat International Architecture Awards worth 30.000 € has been to Campo Baeza studio for the Office building in Zamora. The ceremony of the second edition took place on Friday, November 20, at the Berlin building Bolle Feställe.

The awards ceremony took place on Friday, November 20th, at the BOLLE Festsäle building in Berlin, Germany, in the presence of the 18 teams of architects competing for the top prize, the members of the international panel of judges and the companies making up the BigMat Group.

Out of a list of 750 projects from 6 European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain), the panel of judges chaired by Jesús Aparicio and comprising Olivier Bastin (Belgium), Martin Rajnis (Czech Republic), Henri Ciriani (France), Francesco Dal Co (Italy), Manuel Aires Mateus (Portugal), Antonio Ortiz (Spain) and the Awards Secretary, Jesús Donaire, decided to give the BigMat ’15 International Architecture Award to the office building located in Zamora, Spain, by the Campo Baeza Architecture Studio.

With respect to the winning design, the judges highlighted “... the correctness of the attitude adopted in order to resolve a modern-day programme in that they have been able to combine very wisely the contemporary nature of the building with a respectful understanding of its existing surroundings ...”. The Grand Prize was awarded by the President of BigMat International, Claude Coutant.

The rest of the winning projects are listed below:

BigMat ’15 National Prize in Belgium (5,000 euros) for the KAU Gymnasium in Court Saint Étienne, Belgium, by URA Architects.

BigMat ’15 National Prize in the Czech Republic (5,000 euros) for the Facilities for a Biotope in Honětice, Czech Republic by Prokš Přikryl architekti.

BigMat ’15 National Prize in France (5,000 euros) for The Ring of Remembrance in Notre-Dame de Lorette, France, by the Agence d’Architecture Philippe Prost.

BigMat ’15 National Prize in Italy (5,000 euros) for La Pedevilla Pliscia 13 in Enneberg, Italy, by Pedevilla Architects.

BigMat ’15 National Prize in Portugal (5,000 euros) for the Casa Da Severa in Lisbon, Portugal, by José Adrião Arquitectos.

Among the 18 projects qualifying for the final, the BigMat ’15 Special Mention for Young Architects was awarded to the Dialogue between Matter and Landscape in Nozay, France, by a+ samueldelmas architectes urbanistes.

The twelve projects listed below have all received a BigMat ’15 Prize as the runners-up in the competition (1,500 euros):

Liège Theatre, Liège, by Atelier d’architecture Pierre Hebbelinck et Pierre de Wit.
Water Tower construction, Ghlin, by V+ / Vers plus de bien-être.

Centre for Renovation of 20th Century Architectural Heritage, Brno by ARCHTEAM.
Revitalization of the “Maxipes Fík” Riverbank, Kadaň, by Projektil Architekti.

Euravenir Tower, Lille, by LAN Architecture.
Dialogue between Matter and Landscape, in Nozay, by a+ samueldelmas architectes urbanistes.

Faber Headquarters, Cividale Del Friuli, by GEZA Gri e Zucchi Architetti Associati.
Technopole for Industrial Research: Shed 19 of Ex “Officine Reggiane” industrial area, Reggio Emilia, by Andrea Oliva Architetto - Studio Cittarchitettura.

Sotogrande Sailing School, Sotogrande, Cádiz, by Héctor Fernández Elorza + Carlos García Fernández.
Public Space, “La Lira” Theatre, Ripoll, Girona, by RCR arquitectes.

House in São Francisco da Serra, São Francisco Da Serra, by Giorgio Santagostino and Monica Margarido.
The Dovecote, Braga, by AZO Sequeira Arquitectos Associados

House in Sao Francisco de Serra. Giorgio Santagostino. Monica Margarido

Sotogrande Sailing School. Héctor Fernández Elorza + Carlos García Fernández

The Dovecote. AZO Sequeira Arquitetos Associados

Source: BigMat

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Caption of the top picture: From left to right, Lorenzo de la Villa (President BigMat Iberia), Alberto Campo Baeza (Winner Architect of the Grand Prize BigMat International Architecture Awards 2015), Antonio Ortiz (jury member, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos founder and winner of the CSCAE 2014 Gold Medal), Jesús Aparicio (Achitect and jury chairman fo this edition)


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