Restaurant 020, the "no table" beach club designed by Concrete in a historic manor house of Curaçao

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Restaurant 020, the “no table” beach club designed by Concrete in a historic manor house of Curaçao

concrete presents restaurant 020, the place where Amsterdam city meets Curaçao beach. A historic manor house is transformed into a restaurant and beach club. Thus, they explain us,

Conceptually, the new venue, restaurant020 designed by concrete, follows the same principles of restaurant 212 in Amsterdam, featuring ‘no table seating’, an open kitchen with bar-height seating directing the guests’ focus on the chefs, stimulating interaction.

On the sunny island of Curacao, chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot loosened up the ‘no table restaurant’ concept, with an open kitchen that bridges through all spaces and functions as the heart of the beach club.

The manor itself was the inspiration for the interior design: the historic ‘noblesse’, a luxurious feel with an accessible touch; the beach. The olive green exterior and drive-way form a grand eye-catching entrance upon arrival. The open kitchen bridges throughout all spaces, casually tieing together the in- and outdoor experience. By opening up the views through the building, redoing the interior finishes to a limited palette of colour and ingredients that frame the view and add to the glare of the blue sea and skies. Each area caters to different needs and reacts to these in style, function and orientation. The space invites guests who come for lunch to stick at the pool, pool guests come to have a drink and spontaneously hang around for an unplanned dinner.

With restaurant 020 we bring our restaurant from Amsterdam to Curaçao. The same atmosphere, the same quality, but translated into a beautiful tropical destination.” - Richard van Oostenbrugge, co-owner restaurant 020.

The iconic cutlery drawer, interactive table setting, similar furniture, the same Marrone kitchen, a familiar culinary experience like the original concept in Amsterdam, cast in an island setting. All seating is informal, and the setup showcases the program: from bar to dining, cocktail to lounging. For restaurant 020, concrete delivered the full design package: from concept to interior and furniture design, landscape design, venue's name and graphic identity.

The concept also went oversees to Singapore, with sibling table65. Both restaurant 212 and table 65 have been crowned with a Michelin-star shortly after opening.

Restaurant 020 blurs the boundaries between a fine-dining restaurant and beach club, to indulge yourself with a culinary experience in a casual setting.

Project: restaurante 020 & Beach Club
Client: van oostenbrugge & groot
Location: 300 Penstraat, Willemstad (Curaçao)

Architect & Designer: concrete

Project information
Project Team:
rob wagemens, tobias koch, julia hundermark, femke zumbrink, marlou spierts, valentina venturi
Project Architect: tobias koch
Artists: mural rafael sliks

Special Features
Reflection pool in front yard
Open kitchen combining all three spaces into one restaurant
Statement integrated cutlery drawers in bar- and table tops
Pool bar with modernist steel structure

Photography: Chantal Arnts
Total area: 2630 m2
Restaurant indoor & terrace 470 m2
Beach club 900 m2
Front yard 960 m2
Other 300 m2

Duration construction: 5 month
Opening: july 2019

Source: Concrete
Photography by Chantal Arnts for restaurant020
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