Czech company Ton presents new collections designed by Arik Levy at designjunction

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The Split and Bloom Collections - created by Arik Levy; will also be possible to be seen at the Designjunction Exposition in London. The TON Company stand this year can be found at the College at site L 3/3 - from the 24th to the 27th of September. The author of this year´s stand is the young Czech, Tomáš Varga.

The Stand´s Concept

The installation directly links to the topics of Nature and natural growth in it - on which Arik Levy has based his new collections,” said Tomáš Varga about this presentation. “The tables and chairs will appear to grow from their coloured shades, which will naturally merge and intermingle to form a unified whole. The aim was to create the illusion that - in the authentic spaces of St. Martin´s College, the colours themselves have sprung up and taken on the shapes of other objects,” added Varga.


The inspiration for this year´s novelties from the Salone del Mobile - the Split family of products, was (based on) the designer- tailored technology of bending wood. “I took the past and brought it into the future,Arik Levy summarised. This craft, with its more than 150-year old tradition, enabled a product that had never been made so far to be created. “It is the first time that bent splits of massive wood are a design and integral functional element of seating furniture,Jan Juza, TON's Marketing Director said. The whole collection consists of a chair, a barstool, an armchair and a lounge armchair.

The collection is offered in ash-wood, which can be sprayed with coloured gradients. “The uniqueness of the chair is even more highlighted by this demanding technique. Every piece is an original - as is our traditional wood-bending technology,” explained Juza.


In the case of the tables, this involves using a massive bundle of wooden baulks which are bent separately and subsequently combined together. This then creates an impression under the table-top of branches, or a blooming flower, which also evoked the name of this collection“, explained Jan Juza. The sets, made either of beech or oak, includes tables with a central base as well as a dining table.

The tables with a central column offer five height variations - from 30 cm to 105 cm. However, the tabletop shape is also variable, held in place by four baulks. It can be either round or square. “For this reason, their use is very broad. They can serve as a low coffee table in a living room, or as tables in cafe and, restaurants, or as the perfect complement to bar chairs“, said Mr. Juza.

The Bloom flat tabletop is upheld in each corner by three wooden baulks, which branch out from the joint base. “Since it has no obstacles under it, a chair with armrests can also be pushed under it without any problem“, Mr. Juza stressed. In addition to the two sizes offered, the rectangular design also has a square variant. Apart from its use in eating places, it can also be used in offices.

Other exhibitions:
During the autumn, TON will also exhibit their new collections at two other exhibitions. The first will be from the 8th to the 18th, September at the Polish Łódź Design Festival. The closing exhibition of 2015 will be the Designblok Exhibition in Prague, which will be held from the 21st to the 27th of October.

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