Barrel12: Francesca Cutini recycled barrels and turn them in functional sustainable furniture pieces

News Infurma20/10/2017

BARREL12 is a young and dynamic Italian company that designs and offers outdoor and indoor items of furniture. The philosophy of Barrel12 is identical to that of eco-design, an approach, which is sustainable to the project extended to the furnishings. The interest in research has enabled us to develop a different use of old industrial barrels, which become a piece of furniture for contemporary residences.

Container, bookcase, but also basin and vases. Barrel12 collections perfectly fit to to any environment and use.

This is the idea of Francesca Cutini architect and founder member of Studiododici, which recycles industrial barrels and transforms them into ambitious design projects.

The Collections

The Barrel12 family includes container on wheels collections, for all needs and spaces. In the highest version it becomes LIBRARY, BAR, a perfect place to store all sorts of things.

In the lower version, it is available as VASE, COFFEE TABLE, POUF, CONTAINER. A smaller model, but with a great creative force.

HOT & COLD Barrel. Innovative collection that transports the Barrel in the kitchen! Two versions are available, as cooking stove and a wash basin.

All collections are suitable for interior or exterior use.

Source: Bareel12

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