Rexa Design presents the new bathroom collection Esperanto designed by Monica Graffeo

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The inspirations from the past and the simplicity of the actions for a contemporary bathroom collection, offer practical and emotional solutions to our daily needs. Here's the Esperanto collection designed by Monica Graffeo for Rexa Design and has been seen these days in #iSaloni Milano.

The study where the project is focused on, is related to the actions of everyday that people do in the bathroom, especially close the basin. Monica Graffeo takes inspiration to the concept of the toilet set and the lavishly decked table, where “the idea is to have all the things we need, available and simply reached, without given any chaos sensation, but opposite, as it happens with a lavishly decked table, they attract us to act easily on our daily routine’’.

Esperanto includes modular holders varnished or covered by acrylic resin, hanging or stand in solid wooden easels and completed with equipped tops made in DuPont™Corian®, basins, mirrors, accessories and stand holders.

Holders of different dimensions made in earthenware and Korakril®, and equipped tops with little compartments make everything available and permit to patiently and carefully satisfy the personal care actions of the person: from the make-up, to the skin care, to the shaving. The basin top of Esperanto is provided of a small shelf, that permits to get close to the mirror and to stay comfortably seated on a stool. The top is outfitted with small compartments with covers, that are also overlapping and reminds the work's bench of the ancient ice cream men.

Everything is exposed, to avoid baskets or drawers difficult to open. The mirror takes part of a mirror's collection equipped with hooks to permit to hang everything, from the jewels to the towels. It can be located on the side or, in some solutions it has a rotating system that can be fixed on the top.

Elegant and sophisticate is the combination of the materials and the contrast between the wooden easel and the transparent smoked and bronze glasses, part of the accessories collections.

The collection includes also accessories in different dimensions for the internal part of the drawers, overlapping in order to save space.

Information and images by courtesy of Rexa Design

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