Intelligent technology with Light Shine Ilvacryl, a photoluminescent wood topcoat

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Ilva, European leader in the production of wood varnishes and belonging to the group IVM Chemicals, in 2013 celebrates its 65th anniversary, and as usual, Ilva, vanguard company in innovation and the development of new technologies, has created LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL, a photoluminescent wood topcoat.

What is photoluminescence?

This is a phenomenon in which certain substances have the ability to absorb and store energy, to emit it later in the form of light for a long period of time. The absorbed energy is released slowly (even for hours) and continuously.

The photoluminiscence mechanism involves three simple sequential steps, respectively called:

1. Absorption
2. Dissipation
3. Emission

ILVA reports that LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL product is a clear acrylic wood topcoat, with “natural” touch, offering excellent physico-chemical strength properties and an exceptional protection. Its unique desing makes it a product for both industrial and artisan applications, with very fast drying and excellent application properties. But what really stands out and makes it unique is its photoluminescent effect, emitting light in the darkness.

The effect of the LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL topcoat is a unique technological innovation in the market and makes it a intelligent wood varnish.

LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL is an acrylic wood topcoat that provides the following excellent properties:
• High chemical resistance (to liquids and household products)
• Optimum resistance.
• Excellent yellowing resistance.
• Excellent substract adhesion.

With LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL topcoat creates a potential opportunity to introduce a photoluminescent product that takes part in the security system LOW LOCATION LIGHTING SYSTEM.

The LOW LOCATION LIGHTING signal system at low height, has been used for years in the maritime field, both merchant and cruise passengers, and consists of escape routes signal system.

This is the goal of LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL, to provide escape routes in public buildings, restaurants, hotels etc. or simply provide a different aesthetic effect on private or public gardens, paths or pavements.

The LIGHT SHINE ILVACRYL market launch, implies that ILVA, even in tough times like today, still betting strongly on innovation, research and development of new products and wood finishing processes, meeting the needs of customers, establishing policies and differentiation from competition.

Source: ILVA

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