Mut designs Float for the brand Miras Editions, sustainable art within the kitchen

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Based on a plain, sober and ecologically sustainable design, the Float kitchen, designed by awarded Studio Mut for the brand Miras Editions, consists of five pieces of furniture characterized by simplicity: a kitchen island, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a serving cart and a room divider.

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We live at a time when kitchens are given again centre stage within our homes. Something Alberto Sánchez and MUT team just love... Cooking is certainly a pleasure, a leisure activity, something you share with family and friends in your spare time, in the best of companies. Against this context FLOAT collection, by MUT, arises as a radically innovative proposal, hoping to return the kitchen its status as a fully habitable space.

Under the motto “cooking is not an obligation, but a pleasure”, FLOAT opts for emotional experience: the kitchen becomes the heart of our home living, it builds bonding, it strengthens links, and at the same time it evokes that time, not so long ago, when families gathered around the fire. And what's best to get it back than a designer kitchen! An intimate environment, full of quality details, to share with your beloved ones.

FLOAT, a designer kitchen

FLOAT relinquishes all of the technological excesses and breaks with the rigidity prevailing in modern kitchens: every piece is a detached, mobile island which can be integrated in open spaces and no longer obliges us to stare at the wall while cooking.

FLOAT is a kitchen imbued with sensitivity, but highly practical and functional. It's rational, but at the same time it possesses the beauty and sobriety of a unique artwork. Through its quality aesthetics, discreet and balanced, it seeks durability and timelessness while shunning fads or anything close to conventional.

Classicism and innovation

These five pieces of furniture nourish from classicism, but aim to be innovative, as it happens in the island, which constitutes the main work area. Its removable drawers and trays provide access to utensil from both sides, thus making teamwork much easier. Together with the versatile cupboard, conceived to contain either High-Tech appliances or other objects, it creates a self-sufficient kitchen that can be optionally completed with the rest of the pieces.

Two disused traditional pieces have been recovered for this purpose: the glass cabinet and the serving cart. Half way between the living room and the kitchen, they bridge the gap between both spaces, while the room divider helps delimitate but without lifting actual barriers.

All these elements have been handcrafted in Spain. Even the smallest details have been lavished with care and attention. For example, every piece was designed to be folded into a flat pack and be assembled in situ.

A perfect harmony

Alberto Sánchez, MUT's creative spirit, wanted, according to his own words, “to generate a landscape naturally and consciously integrated into the living room. I wanted objects to work as a whole but I also wanted them to be independent, so ultimately the decision on how to combine them depends on the user”.

FLOAT was born out of the will to create hybrid pieces of furniture, able to comfortably adjust either to the kitchen or the living room. “Thanks to its adaptability, this kind of furniture goes beyond the domestic borders to fit into many different environments such as offices, hotels and restaurants”, Sánchez emphasizes.

It was Javier Miras who gave me the chance, almost two years ago, to develop a most rewarding project from a professional perspective, because it involved more than just devising a nice product. FLOAT is the result of a strenuous research, analysis and strategy work with the aim of creating an exclusive and personal collection”, the young designer explains.

Needless to say, sharing views with Javier Miras has been fundamental: “The two of us started from the same premises: our intention was to recover an attractive and seductive format for a classic and noble material such as wood, thus granting the final product a strong personality and authenticity. We are both passionate about filtering classic forms through the sieve of modernity in a tireless search for a different aesthetic grounded on new materials, new finishes and new production methods”.

Alberto Sánchez- MUT DESIGN


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Information & images by courtesy of MUT Design

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