Cocoto, the sustainable mini-cradle designed by Ximo Roca that evolves with the baby

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Cocoto, the sustainable mini-cradle designed by Ximo Roca that evolves with the baby

The cradle, created for Micuna, offers with its design four products in one. Use sustainable materials that protect the baby from outside noise

Ximo Roca Diseño studio has created Cocoto, a mini-cradle inspired by the Japanese origami technique that evolves to the rhythm of the baby and whose innovative design offers four products in one: mini-cradle, toy, bench and carpet.

Cocoto, designed for the Micuna company, uses a new material: sustainable, insulating and protective. A soft felt, generated from recycled plastic bottles, which protects the baby from outside noise and promotes rest. A piece that combines ecology and Nordic design and is completely recyclable.

We study in depth the segment of the mini-cribs and the use that is given to that type of product. A fact that we noticed from the beginning is that these are exclusive cribs for newborns and are used only for a period of about six months. But, as the baby grows, they cease to be functional. That is why in our design, versatility and its ability to transform into different objects prevail. Thus, over time, it continues to be useful, and responds to other needs,” says designer Ximo Roca.

Hence, Cocoto can be read from different perspectives. The cradle consists of a wooden structure that forms the legs and a carrycot that is attached to it.

The carrycot, separated from the base, can be used as a toymaker independently. In addition, its ingenious folding system - similar to the origami paper folds -, allows it to be deployed and converted into an oval, insulating and very pleasant to the touch carpet.

For its part, placing the mattress of the cradle directly on the base of the legs creates a comfortable bench for adults and children that can fit in any space in the home.

Source: Ximo Roca
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