Sculptor Martín-Consuegra designs the Okapi table for Mobenia, which combines design, art and function

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Striking Okapi table was created by the prestigious Spanish sculptor, Martín-Consuegra for Mobenia furniture company, and can be easily recognized through its iconic abstract silhouette with rational lines and forceful sections. This characteristic project adds a highly personalized graphic stamp on a room.

In the words of the designer himself: “A sculpture with triangular geometry like the quartz glass which boldly emerges from the interior of the main piece making it dynamic and full of energy.José Gonzalez Martín-Consuegra 2015.

As an authentic sculptured table, Okapi offers an individual the chance to connect with art in a different way. The emotional connection established when looking at this piece grows, as it can also be used for daily tasks.

This idea was presented at the last edition of the FuoriSaloni Milano 2015, and was very highly praised by the international public. This September, it has been included in the Mobenia Luxury section of the new company catalogue.

Finishes: Black, White, Pearl Grey, Slate, Taupe, Mink, Sahara, Stone and chrome effect.

About the company:

Mobenia was founded in 1987, and is the fruit of a company which began making handcrafted products in 1961, in La Sénia, Cataluña. From the very beginning the rationale and main goal was and still is innovation in all areas of furniture manufacturing, whether it is production, choosing new materials and sustainable processes as in the design section, working with young designers who adapt to changes in viewpoints and attitudes making way for new standards in contemporary homes and leisure activities.

About the designer:

José Gonzalez Martín-Consuegra, sculptor and designer, born in 1957, in Toledo (Spain). He studied in the faculty of Fine Arts in San Fernando, Madrid. He moved to his present home in Valencia and studied at the National School of Ceramics in Manises. In 1977 he started his first sculpture and design studio, creating his own work as a sculptor as well as industrial and prototyped design projects for developing moulds in sectors as diverse as ceramics, porcelain, glass, lighting, automation, plastics and in recent years in furniture.

Source: Mobenia

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