Silhouette by nanimarquina, a new collection designed by Jaime Hayon that explores the creative capacity of the author

News Infurma05/06/2020
Silhouette by nanimarquina, a new collection designed by Jaime Hayon that explores the creative capacity of the author

After the success of the first collaboration with designer Jaime Hayón in 2017, nanimarquina presents Silhouette, a collection of rugs for indoor and outdoor use that highlights the acclaimed casual style of the designer and artist.

Depicted with a delicate stroke, the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition. Hayón subtly introduces color through small elements brimming with personality that help to interpret each of the images. Nine faces are distributed at different angles so that the rug can be viewed from any perspective, fitting perfectly in any space.

When discussing the design from the sketch to the final product, designer Jaime Hayon says, “This happens in very exceptional cases in which the format, material, and use are ideal to portray emotivism through the figurative. Rugs for nanimarquina are the perfect example; the format is ideal to be able to work with absolute freedom, similar to a painting or a tapestry.

Through this new collaboration with Jaime Hayon, nanimarquina introduces the embroidery on kilim technique for the first time. A laborious process handmade in Pakistan, the chain stitch embroidery adds texture and a soft volume that emphasizes the sinuousness of the illustration. Despite its delicate appearance, it is a sturdy technique suitable for both residential and commercial use. Available in two standard sizes, the indoor model also includes a tapestry piece that can be hung vertically.

nanimarquina also presents, for the first time, an outdoor hand-tufted rug, developed with100% recycled PET fiber and produced in India. This combination provides great utility while transferring a sense of well-being that is needed for outdoor spaces.

Working with nanimarquina is a pleasure. Collaborators are able to work surrounded by respect and mutual admiration. The knowledge regarding each fiber and material, the variety of techniques, and the close work with artisans is palpable in the result of nanimarquina rugs.Jaime Hayon


Technique: Kilim hand loom - Embrodery. Made in Pakistán
Material: 100% hand spun Afghan wool (base), 100% New Zealand wool (embroidery)
Sizes: 170x240cm / 200x300cm / 120x150cm/ 300x400cm 5’7″x7’11” / 6’7″x9’10″/3′ 11″ x 4′ 11″/ 9´10”x13’1”

Technique: Handtufted. Made in India
Material: 100% Recycled PET
Sizes: 170x240cm /200×300 / 300x400cm 5’7″x7’11” / 6’7″x9’10″/9´10”x13’1”

Source: nanimarquina
Photographies ©Albert Font
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