Recycled wooden pallets inspire the last contract project by Silvia Alfaras for Sakatia Fauna

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Within the portfolio of projects Silvia Alfaras, in addition to housing, highlights other Contract sector, as the latter made for the company Sakatia Fauna. The design of the stand for a fair, followed him to the pet store whose new interior has been recently introduced.

The interior designer Silvia Alfaras, with a studio in the Catalan capital, presents one of his latest projects Contract: Sakatia Fauna. The work has included a comprehensive process focused on a complete change of image of the company, specializing in the marketing of animal products for hair salon, daycare and spa located in Girona.

The line that stands out in the interior of the project is the focus on wood pallets recycled format for all furniture and distribution, in order to promote natural ecological space that cares for the environment.

The starting point was the design of the stand to the Fira de Girona Mostres late 2012 he commissioned Sakatia Silvia Fauna Alfaras. Based on this concept of recycled parts, was distributed pallet space with overlapping vertical and horizontal holes whose products were placed on sale. The staging was so successful among the audience that the company decided to apply the same image to the store.

In the new facility, of 150 square meters, the client perceives and Wildlife Sakatia from within a carefully showcase an original layout and aesthetics of space thanks to the material used. Silvia Alfaras, based on recycled pallets, has dared to design different types of furniture to suit different products.

Wood, well treated and showing the beauty of its natural base, makes neutral backdrop on which articles to include animals with their colors, shapes, sizes, etc.., At different heights. For its part, the lighting plays a key role in this scenery, lighting points by placing filling in the gaps of the pallets, creating discrete play of light and shadows and enhancing a warm, welcoming and friendly.

Parallel to the interior design of the establishment, Sakatia Fauna has requested a new graphic design for all your corporate image including logo and all communication inside and outside the store: Estudi Klam.

Also, the study has been applied in this project the latest techniques in visual merchandising to boost sales.


The curriculum of the Catalan interior has to his credit with professional experiences alongside figures like Xavier Olivella, Sebastià Vilarasau, GCA Arquitectes Rafael del Castillo, as well as the 1st awards. Joan IES Award Zafra Reform or being finalist Habitácola ARQ-FAD, both in 2000.

Silvia is also SQA Alfaras European Expert in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising for Artidi High School, and is currently collaborating with Estudi Klam, graduated in Interior Design from the College and city LAI of Arts and Crafts, specialty design Interiories, by Llotga Barcelona, Silvia Alfaras runs her own interior design studio where converges a young team composed of designers and other professionals from different disciplines.

It provides a comprehensive service that integrates all phases of project development, from concept to execution, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, naming, merchandising, etc..

To study Alfaras Silvia, the goal is to create personalized spaces that provoke emotions from the customer wants and needs, whether residential, commercial or spaces as temporary spaces.

Source: Silvia Alfaras

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