García Requejo-Candelabro, the jump to the big screen

News Infurma27/11/2012

The close collaboration that in the last few years the lighting and decoration company “Garcia Requejo-Candelabro” has kept with prestigious interior designers for the big screen, has allowed its products to become part of the decoration in numerous TV series and movies for the big screen.

The last collaboration with the big screen comes from Alex de la Iglesias's hand and his new movie. The company´s contributions are two lamps designed and made at specification, developed by Garcia Requejo-Candelabro´s design team. The lamps preside the principal table in a sequence filmed at the dining room in Boadilla del Monte´s palace, in Madrid, converted into a witch house for the occasion.

Starring Carmen Maura, Mario Casas and Hugo Silva, among others, we will be able to see this movie next spring, which combines action, humor and terror, as well as showing the majesty of Garcia Requejo-Candelabro's lamps.

Alex de la Iglesia rueda “Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi”Ver vídeoAlex de la Iglesia rueda

About Garcia Requejo-Candelabro

The company was founded in 1962. Since its beginnings in high decoration they have always been pioneers in a wide range of designs, therefore leading market trends. The most important designers, interior decorators and hotel designers can be found among their clients.

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