The new interior design of Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel in Tenerife signed by Stone Designs

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The new interior design of Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel in Tenerife signed by Stone Designs

This is the second project carried out by Stone Designs studio for Adrián Hoteles chain. On this occasion they have designed all the rooms and suites of the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel in Tenerife. So they explain about it,

For this project, we wanted to get rid of the superfluous things, to bring back the light and flavor that the ocean offers and to recover the best version of the values and landscapes of the Island. The new design turned the rooms and suites into a haven peace, where to enjoy the sound of the waves in a cozy and intimate place, that invites to rest.

Materials, like the natural oak wood finish that contrasts with the colors of the upholstery, were looking forward to transmit and show the client that the main goal of the hotel is to provide the guests quality and well being. This oak is just interrupted by a series of elements of wood in colors, taken directly from the horizon line. That line where the blue tones from the sky and the ocean melt, to make our view get lost in an incomparable landscape.

Details like the bed headboard of the rooms, where the waves coming into the bay are represented by some thin blue lines mill in wood, going down to the upholstered headboard, show the poetry of a project where nothing is left up to fate.

The simplicity of its lines is evident in each of the furniture elements. Many of them have been designed specifically to fit into the project.

The bed tables, desk, TV furniture pieces... all of them have a harmony that is just broken by the color of the upholstery, chosen in lively colors representing the interior of the island and the beauty and wealthy of a land, that has much more to offer, than just good weather and beache.

These colors fulfil with live the rooms and suites, and they allow to generate a universe full of textures and finishes that won’t leave the guests indifferent, allowing them to enjoy all of the chosen elements with five senses.

For the walls of the rooms, we chose a series of pictures showing the strength and life of the ocean in different versions. This ocean is the reason why we fell in love with the Canary Islands. For the suites, we picked some images from the work called “Los Peces” from César Manrique.

Regarding the lighting, we took care of the option, that the client could configure it generating different atmospheres. The lighting is centered in the indirect light that illuminates the back of the headboard, simulating a never-ending sunset melting with the real sunset seen through the big windows. This light invites to spend time in the room, it provides with all the demanded intimacy, turning the room into an atmosphere that invites to rest and relax.

This way, all the project speaks about the sea, its value and beauty, its light and its life. A tribute to the environment and the ocean, that open a new window to simplicity, when it is executed with quality and dedication.

Source: Stone Designs
Photos: Alberto Monteagudo
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