Fresitil 132 Collection by Yonoh. A perfect mix between German and Spanish curves

News Infurma07/12/2017

The design team Yonoh, which created freistil 132 collection for German company Freistil - Rolf Benz, is hard at work in Valencia. This city in eastern Spain is also home to Santiago Calatrava, an architect who is famous for his amorphous, futuristic buildings.

The new freistil 132 sofa is like a fantasy-inspired further development of Calatrava's design vocabulary. Art lovers and connoisseurs may even discover hints of the Art Nouveau movement in the sofa's sculptural lines. To further explore this inspiration, we would have to go back an entire century. But if you want to research it yourself, you and your design history books can make yourselves at home on your very own freistil 132.

Source: Yonoh
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