Eva ceiling lamp in all sizes: Mega, Maxi, Media, Mini. A design by Hans Thyge Raunkjær for Modoluce

News Infurma10/10/2014

New arrivals in Eva's family, suspension and floor lamps collections designed by Hans Thyge Raunkjær for Modoluce Italian brand, adds the newborn mega, maxi e mini ceiling lamps, to help the eldest of the family to explore other spaces in the house or in public spaces as bars and restaurants.

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Family of suspension and floor lamps with bells form, characterized by a white glossy ceramic or a dark brown terracotta diffuser with beeswax finishing; old and resisting materials traduced in an archetype form and reduced volume.

Both versions are wired with 7 colour variation tissue cables.


Eva Mini suspension Ø cm 11 x H. 15 cm.
Eva Media suspension Ø cm 18 x H. 27 cm.
Eva Maxi brown cotto suspension Ø cm 36 x H. 53 cm.
Eva Maxi white ceramic suspension Ø cm 38 x H. 55 cm.

Source: ModoLuce

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