Big Bird by LZF, the courage to dream big

News Infurma03/02/2021
Big Bird by LZF, the courage to dream big

Hovering hummingbird-like, with a fine wooden plumage and hanging globe, Big Bird is an accomplished feat of wood craftsmanship, and a remarkable contemporary sculpture

Big Bird is the latest addition to LZF's family of Life-Size lamps, and encapsulates the celebrated Spanish lighting brand's penchant for dreaming big.

Created for LZF by the artist Isidro Ferrer, Big Bird is made in collaboration with master artisan Manolo Martin. The lamp is built with a traditional craft technique used by Fallas artisans, called vareta. Manolo Martin describes this technique: ‘Vareta is woodcarving and consists of reproducing a volume in wood. To achieve the form, the element is reproduced by using sections of it, called dogas, and the “skin” is shaped by means of fine woods, called varetas.

Manolo Martín & Isidro Ferrer

In Big Bird, there is a clear emphasis on the collaboration between design and craftsmanship. Design adds value to the lamp, while craftsmanship ensures it is unique and well-made. Manolo Martin has worked with LZF for many years and observes: ‘together, design and craftsmanship offer an alternative to the tedium of mass production. I am convinced there are customers who continue to appreciate this differentiation.

Big Bird follows in the footsteps of the life-size Walking Fish and Smelly Fant, both created by Isidro Ferrer. Ferrer points out that LZF's co-founders, Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, are responsible for this ‘gigantization’. He explains: ’Mariví and Sandro have a unique spatial and scenographic vision. To create Big Bird, I went outside of my natural scale. Thanks to the skill and knowledge of Manolo Martín, the lamp became a reality.’

Available in two versions, horizontal and vertical

Big Bird is available in two versions, horizontal and vertical, and adds to a family of lamps ideally suited to the contract market. With Big Bird, its presence alone achieves maximum prominence.

In its twenty-six year journey to date, LZF has united art and design, innovation and technology. Committed to the preservation of craftsmanship, every one of LZF's lamps is handmade in Valencia, by skilled and dedicated craftspeople. Today, LZF has received more than thirty-five national and international awards, including Spain's National Innovation and Design Award 2020, in the ‘Companies’ category.

Source: LZF Lamps
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