Grapy of GAN, a jute sack becomes an easychair by Kensaku Oshiro

News Infurma14/04/2016
Grapy composition 3
Grapy composition 3

The GRAPY easychair of GAN was inspired by an incident that happened to its author which became the thread connecting the overall collection.“I was inspired by an image of a farmer who was seated on a jute sack.” That's how the idea for this new collection designed by Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro came about, conceived as a chair for spending long hours relaxing.

Designed for GAN, the indoor brand belonging to the GANDIABLASCO company, this innovative easychair is available in two different cotton fabrics, canvas and velvet, in five colour choices with reinforced seams with contrasting colours and a filling of polystyrene balls that adapt to body movement. The result an original comfortable and seat with a 100% ergonomic design.

Grapy composition 1Grapy composition 5Grapy composition 6Grapy cotton composition detail 1Grapy velvet composition 2Grapy composition detail 8What sets GRAPY apart is its fluidity and semi-formed silhouette as well as its flexibility that connect three separate volumes,” explains Kensaku Oshiro. The seams which divide the three different sections act as an axis which provide the seating with its great elasticity.

GRAPY adjusts easily to the reclining spine adapting perfectly to the body providing support for comfortable and intuitive seating.

Grapy green cotton profileGrapy green cotton perspectiveGrapy green cotton back perspectiveGrapy green cotton detailSource: GAN

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