BD Barcelona Design presents REmix project Vol.1 & Vol.2: REcuperate, REuse and REinterpret

News Infurma02/11/2016

REcuperate, REuse and REinterpret. BD is joining the prefixed RE conscientiousness - with a project that is without any complex inspired in our grandmother's kitchen. Cooking with leftovers is something as old as necessary and nevertheless creative. In our recipe book exist memorable dishes that are prepared with hard bread from the previous day, and chicken leftovers from Sunday's roast. Leftovers that are wisely reused and reinterpreted. For example, the canelón or cannelloni that can be transformed into a kitchen masterpiece.

Company warehouses in the design sector also accumulate leftovers. Generally, these are loose pieces or components of furniture parts that have been forgotten about and put in a drawer, because there was once an excess in fabrication or have been discontinued. It's a considerable amount of stock that has no way out and that grows with time until it becomes a problem. It loses all its value but continues taking up space and ends up being legally certified (mandatory) to be destroyed.

BD has accumulated outdated materials as well, but before considering destroying it they thought they could give it a second chance. Amongst the materials, there are the door handles and knobs designed by Cristian Cirici, which had a lot of success during the eighties of the past century, but stopped being sold when the company changed direction to focus on other markets. In BD actual catalogue, there are no door handles or knobs, but they have unique pieces; so why not convert these leftovers into design and art pieces? BD offers a limited edition until stocks last.

This project has been named REmix, since it has something of a mix, like disco music that was fashionable at the same time the original pieces were designed. To complete it BD has had the help and participation of different authors.

REmix Vol.1 is a limited set of candle holders (1) made by Curro Claret. “Because of his profile and trajectory, we couldn’t have chosen a better designer to start with the project.

remix-vol1-collectionbd-claret-022REmix Vol.2 is a limited set of cabinets (2), developed by Ramón Úbeda and the BD technical team.

balls-cabinet-3dballs-cabinetball-candleholders-s-and-lslide-cabinet-3d-whiteslide-cabinethelix-cabinet-3dhelix-cabinetWe hope to be an example, where other REmix series will follow in the future. Our purpose is to invite other design manufacturers to recuperate, reuse and update material from their storage. We hope they can reinterpret and to give new life to their pieces. Our grandmothers, our planet and companies stocks will appreciate this.

Source: BD Barcelona Design

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