Playful summer mood - these are the outdoor trends of 2016/2017

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Happiness is green: The consumers love their private outdoor spot. It doesn’t matter whether it's a balcony or a terrace - the main thing is it's outside! Relaxing, grilling, planting and harvesting are on the agenda here.

One's own garden especially tops the popularity scale. A current survey by MedUni Wien* proves how much it contributes to the well-being. The survey respondents evaluated their garden to be significantly more relaxing than their living-room. And the more natural elements found in the garden, the higher the relaxation factor. This is why more animals are being kept in the open air living-room again - such as chickens for example. Since more and more consumers are contemplating keeping such poultry, they can even be hired.

nogg_1 A further animal trend is conquering the country: urban beekeeping. Whereas beekeepers were considered to be bourgeois and old-fashioned before, the pastime is now booming among young people. Especially townsfolk are keeping bee hives on their balconies and harvesting their own honey for their sandwiches.

Matching furniture and accessories lend the finishing touch to one's own open air well-being oasis. The emphasis is on trendy, playful designs, classic shapes and the “Modern Country” look. As far as colours are concerned, grey and metallic shades are an absolute must and multi-functionality is hip when it comes down to BBQs.

barbacoa_gas_profesionalesAround 2,000 exhibitors will demonstrate all of the trends and innovations for the outdoor season 2016/17 at the international garden fair, spoga+gafa, which is being staged in Cologne from 4 to 6 September 2016.

Top trend 2016/17: Playful is in

Shirts with comic prints, frilly socks, blouses with bows or floral print dresses - the current fashion trend is sweet and positively naive. Outdoor furniture of the 2016/17 summer season is equally playful. The manufacturers are creating charming, in some cases even amusing designs - often in bright colous. The selection ranges from modular sofa elements that can be colourfully mixed to suit every whim, through to sunshades with a “coat of chocolate”.

Stools, armchairs and co. are often dainty and light-weight, because straps, thin struts or mesh-like looks are used. The result is a transparent, delicate look. The playful trend is then rounded off by cheerful animal motifs on cushions and accessories as well as floral patterns. Everything one likes is allowed. This ensures good spirits on the balcony and terrace - and sometimes puts a grin on people's faces.


Modern Country leads to outdoor harmony

Back to nature and the idyll that country life promises - this is what many of the consumers long for. They don’t want the furnishings to be cool and purist, but instead homely and comfy - without things getting too corny. The “Modern Country” trend, which not only conjures up a warm ambiance indoors, but also on the balcony or terrace, is the right solution. That is why many manufacturers are now uniting tradition and modern with nature and art to form a harmonious overall picture. The focus is on braid and teak - which are gladly also combined with each other. Both materials were freed from their heaviness so that the design language of the garden furniture has a much more delicate and reduced appearance. Soft, natural shades radiate tranquility and the accessories attract attention with cute details such as bows.


The rediscovery of the classics

The manufacturers are not only launching re-editions of well-known classics in the indoor segment this season and next season, the companies are also reviving retro styles in the outdoor section too. For example, on the one hand successful design icons are being reinvented and re-designed. On the other hand, the manufacturers are rediscovering the classic garden furniture forms - for example the foldable beach chair, an elegant version of which is now re-conquering the open air stage. Following the motto: Tried and trusted items are trumps. Furthermore, traditional indoor looks are making their way outdoors. The selection ranges from sofas typical of the 1960s, through to traditional look school chairs.


Colour trend: Taupe meets metallic

Whether make-up, on the fashion scene or in the living area - taupe is long since a must-have. The same applies for the balcony and the terrace. The warm natural colour is timeless and discrete, which means it blends in beautifully with the green of the garden. Implemented as a complete look, it has an elegant, timeless effect and is not at all dull. At the same time, the shade can be perfectly combined with hip, trendy decoration elements and bright cushion colours. The manufacturers are playing with many alternatives here: Grey, greige, brown and beige are extremely popular. In the course of which the hip metallic look is also making its way outdoors. Especially small pieces of furniture and accessories are shining out in copper, gold and silver shades. They emanate a seductive opulence and create radiant accents.


Barbecues 2016: Totally multifunctional

Barbecuing is one of the favourite leisure time pastimes again in 2016. Many consumers even sizzle their meals on the hot grill several times a week. And so that there is no chance of things becoming boring, the technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated. In the meantime, food can be smoked, roasted, cooked and baked outside. But who has got enough space for all these appliances? That is why the manufacturers are now presenting multifunctional grills that unite everything in one model. In addition, numerous manufacturers are currently launching high-quality compact appliances onto the market, thanks to which townies no longer have to do without uncompromising enjoyment.

At the same time the manufacturers are fuelling this enthusiasm for creative barbecuing with new ideas for equipment and accessories. The last cry: Waffle and sandwich attachments, intelligent roast thermometres and special crockery that allow a whole BBQ world to arise. At the same time, the brands are increasingly discovering the social media platforms. In this way, for instance, special barbecue apps are seamlessly combined with popular networks, so that the sizzling experiences can be shared immediately with friend.


Garden appliances. Smart comfort

User-friendly comfort products such as robotic lawn mowers and cordless tools - including trimmers, hedge shears or hand-operated lawn mowers - are still especially popular with the consumers. The models convince with a combination between high performance and user-friendliness. Furthermore, they feature ergonomically optimised forms that make the work easier for their users.

In order to inspire tech-savvy, young people for gardening, the manufacturers are relying more and more on “smart” functions. For instance, in this way the lawn can be mowed per app - regardless of where the user happens to be. Furthermore, autonomous mowing is already reality. The app evaluates local weather data and the machine then decides independently when the best time to get started is.


The spoga+gafa 2016 is open to trade visitors on 4 August and 5 September from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. and on 6 September from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Further information is available at

The Garden Day 2016 is open to end-users and trade visitors on 3 and 4 September from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. Further information is available at

Source: Spoga+Gafa

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