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The industrial designer Aitor García de Vicuña form AGVestudio has shown seven office furniture collections for the Portuguese enterprise Famo, in the last Orgatec edition. Three operative systems for working areas (Deck, Technicall Wall y Mahia Senses), chairs collections (Laida, Set, Boss and Conic) and a strong system (G-box).

Mahia Senses

The relationship between Famo and AGVestudio, sets up in Vitoria more than ten years ago when the designer entered Mahia, an integral system for flexible and modular operative offices for the Portuguese firm. Since then, they have worked together in more than 15 collections which were shown in the last Orgatec edition, an imprescindible appointment for furniture firms for working areas in Europe.

The most distinguished in these new collections are the concept, the design and the materials. These products are bounded to architects and designers. “Famo is a firm that always uses pure materials transformed in a handmade way. They can be integrated into a room an avant-garde design with conceptual and mouldable solutions in their projects by architects and designers. It is said functional but also human collections which must give more than a classical use and they can be combined with other furniture giving to the professionals freedom in the design and projection of the space. Our new collections respect the basic principles and they also can be made with priceless materials like Steel, leather or solid Wood“, says Aitor García de Vicuña, AGVestudio designer.

Famo collections are famous for their productions which combine high technology with craftsmanship. According to the creative team of AGVestudio, “In Portugal handmade products have an added value very appreciated by the final customer. A Handmade finish raises the value of the product, on the contrary if the finish is industrial it does not. The collections designed by Famo take this into account, so the final product can be altered in any of the phases in the process depending on the requirements in the project”, explains.

In totally, Aitor has presented seven collections divided in: Integral solutions furniture as Deck, Technical Wall or the enlargement of Mahia Senses, armchairs, operative chairs and seats as Laida, Set, Boss or Conik and the Storage solutions as G-Box.

Deck - When the concept and functionality are the leading

Deck is an integral program to furnish working areas where the most important things are the legs. “We decided to be apart from the traditional tables designs and give the legs more importance. Deck´s legs are suitable for electrification, connexions and even more for interior storage. They sometimes can be used to separate posts and save spaces. In addition, the legs are the structure that supports all the weight of the table“, explains García de Vicuña.

Technical Wall- A global solution to create flexible and mouldable workplaces

Technical Wall appears as a basic necessity in the whole office: The total staff´s flexibility. Designing a useful tool in a simple way and easy use permits amplify operative places, changes in the room or delete them. A clean design without superfluous elements that integrates all the essential functions: Storage, electrification, structure support for tables, separated spaces and acoustic isolation.However, the main virtue in this collection is that they can be assembled or dismantle without stews or tools, so the user can act depending on the necessity.

Mahia Senses - Materials in pure condition finding sensations

Mahia sense is the reedition of the Mahia tables collection, designed for Famo in 2009, which is one of the identities in the firm. In this case, different materials have been used, for example, natural Wood, soft lacquers and leather, keeping away from the White colour in the previous models, but maintaining fine materials and the sensations they evoke.

It is true that clean sizes and elegance in the last collection are maintained, which creates comfort, with the table as a referent point. They can be considered as individual or collective working places, always taking into account the functionality and the aesthetic of the design.

Seats and Chairs

Conik: Geometry, size and people

Conik another work by Aitor García de Vicuña, for Famo, appears from the pure geometry.The asymmetric form of its back, inspired by the Conic forms, is the identity mark for all the Jobs in this collection, compounded of armchairs, benches, seats and tables shown in the last Orgatec edition.

Conik has been created for waiting areas. Its design consists on solid Wood used for individual or collective bases, geometrical forms and a combination of upholsteries with the aim to create a warm and an elegant atmosphere.

Laida, the touch and the waves in a complete chairs collection for the office

Laida is imagination, forms, waves and touch games. The operative chair for Famo designed by Aitor García de Vicuña chooses geometrical and formal sizes. Conceiving as a supported cloud, its legs are made of solid Wood used, handmade. The foam is cut and upholstered by hand.

The aesthetic and the ergonomics are the keys for this design, supporting an architectural and organic vision where the aim is the creativity and the homemade process. An outline sofa: a cloud.

Set, concatenated modules collection for areas “soft Seating”

In the present offices the operative posts are complemented with informal meeting and break areas. Thinking about them and designed to serve as a modular element and easily to shape them, appears Set, a concatenated seat system.

They are destinated to “Soft seating” public spaces and waiting rooms They save the modular elements to use them in a personal way. They are comfortable and relaxing, and with a diversity of forms and finishes.

G-Box, the storage system which can be taken down only with the use of the hand

It is an exact working area, a closed storage zone, practical and easy to move.In the case of G-Box, prizewinning recently as “product Design Award” in the INDEX 2016 Edition, Aitor García de Vicuña goes a step ahead to these principles: They consist on modules capable to be taken down using only the hands because they do not use any screws.

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