A children's game provides the inspiration for the design at Formex Stockholm

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At Formex, which runs from 19 to 22 January 2012, a children's game provides the inspiration for the design of this spring's major trend theme exhibition entitled IN THE MOOD. The visitor is invited to enter a modern architectural barn, where the focus is on light, space, feelings and sensuality.

In the entrance hall to Formex designer Synnöve Mork is putting together an inspirational exhibition based around the spring trend theme of ‘In the mood for a new season’.

“However, everything is not always as it seems. You may recognise a particular shape, but then it becomes apparent that the object is something else entirely... I want to convey a sense of vitality and humour in a setting where the space of the room emphasises and enhances the products. The exhibition is entitled Fågel ¬- fisk - eller mittemellan, which is a Swedish game similar to the ‘hot/cold’ game, but using hints about the level of the hidden object: ‘high up’ (fågel/bird), ‘down low’ (fisk/fish) or ‘in between’ (mittemellan). It is a game I loved playing as a child and which I continue to draw inspiration from when developing exhibitions,” says Synnöve.

Synnöve Mork

In the exhibition Synnöve has used the three levels of the game as the starting point for three of the latest trend themes.

Look up! This represents being as free as a bird, where the sky is the limit and you are aiming for the stars... Items that flutter in the breeze and are lightweight, transparent and sensual, in the slightly watered-down pastel shades of soap bubbles.

Look down! This represents fish in the water, in a shoal, swimming peacefully... These are new shapes, which are organic and fluid. Glass glitters and is sometimes reflected in entirely unexpected products. The colour is asphalt grey, providing graphic sharpness.

In between! This represents digging the ground, planting, watching future growth and becoming more urbane, with heritage varieties becoming increasingly popular again. It has to do with security based on experience, the grain of wood, and the recognition effect.

Formex will take place on 19-22 January 2012 at Stockholmsmässan. Formex is the meeting place for news, business opportunities, trends, knowledge and inspiration. The exhibition takes place twice a year, attracting 850 exhibitors, 25,000 trade visitors and 850 media representatives.


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