ZooCo brings freshness and detail defining the concept of Restaurant Gust Madrid

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Zooco Studio has been responsible for carrying out the interior design project of the new Gust Restaurant in Madrid. As dictated their slogans, “sandwiches workshop, salad bar”, “fresh and local”, “sweet and salty”, “self service and consumption”, Zooco has traslated these concepts to reality.

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The Gust Restaurant project, located at Calle Genova 5 in Madrid, arises from the premise of creating an establishment with an area dedicated to buy in self service and other to consumption of purchased products. Along with this objective, the local morphology, which has a large hallway that divides it into two parts, has also helped to raise a space with three large rooms.

Taking advantage from the original compartmentation, they tried to reproduce the idea of a typical space of ‘welcome market’, which gives continuity to Genoa street with a strong urban character; and another space, divided into two parts and with more domestic character, where is planned the consumption of products sitting in the tables. Both spaces are connected by a corridor that provides a transition between environments.

The natural route of the local support for the idea that wants to be conveyed; the first zone aims to be an extension to the city, where the product is bought, and the other two areas remind us of our own house, where the product is consumed.

So the main entrance is totally equipped with urban characteristics, trying to reflect the language of a street shop. A large bookcase, with wooden boxes, accompanies the customer journey up to the counter.

The famous hexagonal concrete tile designed by Gaudí emphasizes the idea that we find outside. Along with this pavement, there are an orange tree located in the center, metal furniture, the different treatment of interior facades, that complete this character of city.

Faced with these materials, the oak wood of the ceiling and the lining of the stairwell, add warmth to the space.

The link between urban and domestic spaces is a hallway in which it been also used the hexagonal floor cited above. Its ‘vegetal’ roof helps to have that feeling of being in the street yet, thus assuming that the route is a pleasant walk up to the area of eating in the tables.

The ‘lounge’ of restaurant consists of two separated ambients by a glass and metal partition. The first reflects the different parts of a house: wooden floors, combined with pieces of furniture arranged as a lounge or dining, give to this area a cozy character.

The second ambient has a more industrial footprint, as if it will be a workshop or a greenhouse annexed to the house. The extensive vegetation, the colorful pavement and the lighting complete the configuration of this space.

Source: Zooco

Photographs: Orlando Gutiérrez

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