BrickBox: The practical and appealing mobile storage modular system

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BrickBox provides a practical design solution to storage and mobility.

The dream of a paper-less office remains an aspiration for most companies and individuals struggling to bring order to the chaos of the contemporary world of work. The detritus of our day-to-day activities; papers, folders, CDs, USBs, and a long etcetera stands testament to our frenetic working lives.

When it comes time to move or to simply reorganize the office then BrickBox provides an ingenious solution to the painless moving of office documents and other objects. The storage system itself becomes the means for transportation; a neat and ordered way to keep essential paperwork under control.

BrickBox provides a practical design solution to storage and mobility, an idea that is as simple as it is ingenious, convert the standard paper box-file into a more substantial timber box that can be used as a solid stackable shelving system based on a transportable module for easy assembly and mobility. A shelving system that can also function as a space divider, up to six boxes stacked vertically.

Not since the filing cabinet has a new piece of office hardware appeared with the potential to bring order to our working lives. Aesthetically appealing and practically functional.

BrickBox_2BrickBox_3BrickBox consists of a modular storage system that stacks, just like bricks using a staggered configuration, available in two size modules. The larger module measures 54 x 36 and 27 cm in depth (like the typical box-file) while the smaller half module measuring 27 x 36 cm allows for the end alignment of shelving rows. Structural stability is guaranteed by a patented nylon connector, which slots into a groove provided within each of modules. Handles are incorporated to facilitate easy transport and assembly.

BrickBox is made from 12 mm birch plywood (marine grade) with a self-finish melamine treatment and raw edge detail. The boxes come as a flat pack, the sides simply slot together for assembly.

Brick Box is a Made in Spain product manufactured using timber sourced from certified European forests. Shipped directly from the production facility located in Barcelona, there is no middleman.

BrickBox_4BrickBox_5Source: BrickBox

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