KriskaDecor, three generations creating scenery for interior design projects with its original metal curtains

News Infurma02/12/2014

For those who do not know this Spanish design brand internationally consolidated with its peculiar bet, KriskaDECOR is a company that makes highly original metal curtains and partitions. Their products offer an abundance of architectural, lighting and interior design solutions along with many options for demarking and partitioning spatial environments. We bring you an elaborate video entitled “As far as your imagination can reach” that will not leave you indifferent...

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KriskaDECOR's products are manufactured with small, interlinked pieces of anodized aluminium that form a lightweight, versatile mesh. There are infinite ways to stylise KriskaDECOR's curtains. Each customer is at liberty to create its own - from the combination of colours to the addition of logos, patterns and artwork.

The manufacturing process is fleible enough to accommodate designers with specific projects and the company can fulfil all measurement requirements. Thanks to the special anodizing process, KriskaDECOR's chain curtains are resistant to most climatic factors meaning that they are suitable for use indoor and out. What's more, they are fully recyclable, easy to clean, nonflammable and very lightweight - weighing only 3 kgs per square meter (appro.).

Founded in 926 by Josep Maria Sans Amill, KriskaDECOR continues to be a family- run company. Now headed by the third generation, it is based in Montblanc (closed to Barcelona, Spain). Nowadays, KriskaDECOR eports 59% of their output to nearly 40 countries, including the US, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa.

KriskaDECOR curtains have been used for demarking environments, decorating interior and eterior spaces, as decorative murals, advertising elements and for stage and TV sets. Curtains are ideal for bars and restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, oces, entrance halls and large public spaces and also as ephemeral decorations for trade fairs, conventions and lighting installations, or to create new eperiences in architecture projects.

Its products have been incorporated into projects by designers of the importance of Patricia Urquiola and Philippe Starck, and design studios such as Rockwell Design, Softroom, Stylt Trampoli and Klein Associates as well as companies such as B&B Italia, L’Oreal, Kawasaky or Gurú, the fashion brand.

Here we leave you with the 2 minutes video “As far as your imagination can reach”, but you can see the etended version of 2 minutes HERE.

Information & images by courtesy of KriskaDecor

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