Café Trussardi, the new project of the famous fashion brand will expand worldwide

News Infurma30/01/2015

Recherché and cosmopolitan, Café Trussardi is on the roll again with a new expansion. After launching the Trussardi Casa collection, indeed the next step is the debut of Café Trussardi stores around the world, set up according to the style and design of architect Carlo Colombo and made in synergy with Luxury Living Group, under the guidance of Alberto Vignatelli, and of Trussardi with the artistic input of Gaia Trussardi.

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The project will bring the look of the iconic Milanese drawing room housed in the Trussardi Building overlooking Piazza della Scala to the main international capitals.

The concept was introduced at IMM Cologne 2015 in the pavilion of the trade fair. The mood of Café Trussardi was re-created over a 300 m² surface, expressing its essence down to the last detail - from the innovative architecture to the refined details of the design, and from the outstanding bar and kitchen offering to the elegant and modern service.

The orientation is towards careful, studied choices to introduce the Trussardi Casa style re-evoking atmospheres and fascination. The interiors paint a nonchalant, glamorous picture with a strong, evocative sense of aesthetics that impeccably speaks to the innovation and quality inherent to the fashion house's collection, completely in line with the Trussardi image thanks to a well thought-out choice of materials and colours.

With its leather, marble and tones that reference the natural world, the environment is divided up into two large areas: strategic settings for use and sharing, based on specific needs. One is more dynamic, furnished with Agnese tables and chairs where you can enjoy coffee or have a quick casual luncheon; the other is softer, with an oversized blue velvet sofa for those who like to spend some time in total relaxation. There is also a lounge area inside with refined Cip-Cip armchairs and Band coffee table where you can meet with friends, but also organise work meetings, listen to music or read a book.

The ultimate expression of the all-Italian, this is a contemporary and precious place where Italian cooking culture - presented in a special and meticulously assembled culinary offering - meets the emotions Trussardi typically evokes.

The first opening is scheduled in Dubai, and there are future plans in Ibiza, New York and Miami as well.

Source: Luxury Living Group

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