Alegre Design designed furniture for tomorrow's classrooms for Federico Giner that favour team and collaborative work

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Alegre Design designed furniture for tomorrow's classrooms for Federico Giner that favour team and collaborative work

The design of a versatile desk and chair is adapted to the needs and methodologies of 21st century education

Design studio Alegre Design has designed the Actiflex desk and the new Pad Chair, two versatile and flexible school furniture pieces, conceived to promote collaborative work, for Federico Giner, a manufacturer with more than a century of experience, who is looking to give an answer to the needs and methodologies of educational avant-garde.

This collection brings mobility into the classroom, favouring the teamwork, communication and learning associated with the new era, while conserving the values of quality, safety and durability that distinguish this brand of furniture. This collection of furniture allows the configuration of the classroom to be varied quickly, quietly and efficiently to generate spaces that motivate students and stimulate learning.

For the design and development of these new products, Alegre Design participated in an intensive collaboration process with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) with which, via practical sessions held with professionals from the world of education, detailed specifications were obtained to respond to the requirements of the new educational methods via the use of safe, quiet and durable furniture.

In the Actiflex Desk's case, Alegre Design has created a line of desks with differentiated geometric silhouettes to allow mobility in the classroom and the configuration of the desks in flexible and variable groups.

It is presented in four models - square, square with wheels, triangular with wheels and rectangular - which enable the generation of hundreds of combinations and facilitate the interaction of 2, 4 and up to 10 people, always looking to the front, set out individually, grouped, and in circular and horseshoe formation, among others.

The metallic structure below the desk top has been conceived and designed to improve active ergonomics via the creation of areas that serve as handles, to facilitate the bringing together and moving of the desks. The stability of its surface, which favours firm writing, the rounded edges and its great storage capacity are in line with the principles of Federico Giner.

Pad Chair arises from the reinvention by Alegre Design of the classic writing-pad chair of Federico Giner. It enhances the user's experience and improves communication and teamwork.

“Ergonomics, mechanical resistance and durability. These are the premises of Pad Chair. The overriding concern has been to make the chair safe for the student to use. Its design prevents trapping and collisions, since all sharp edges have been eliminated, favouring very rounded edges. In this respect, this product has been designed taking into account the safety recommendations of the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV)”, explains Marcelo Alegre of Alegre Design.

Pad Chair rests on a welded metallic structure that provides mobility to the swivelling pad, facilitating its use by left- or right-handed students. The movement and adaptability of the pad favours optimum posture and capacity for movement.

Alegre Design has prioritized the student's ergonomics, thanks to decades of experience, with a seat that is manufactured from highly scratch-resistant plywood with a low refractive index.

The lower part of Pad Chair incorporates a space with considerable storage capacity where schoolbags can be stowed. The whole structure is supported by large-diameter wheels that facilitate movement within the classroom.

Master Pro Chair

In line with educational innovation's new requirements, Alegre Design has also updated the shapes and geometries of the Master chair of FG. Thus, the new Master Pro chair maintains the operability of a product that has been on the market for more than four decades, while its design has been adapted to suit modern preferences and uses.

This stackable school chair is especially designed to be used in classrooms by teachers but it is also suitable for communal and administrative spaces, libraries and dining halls.

Conserving the spirit and materials of the product, quality and design details have been added with machined parts in finishes and trims and improvements in the upholstery systems.

Source: Alegre Design
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