Batimat 2015, spearheading the digital revolution in the construction industry

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What equipment do you need and how much will it cost? What training options and resources are available? With so many solutions out there, how do you decide what's right for you? Who really benefits from this revolution? The answers to all these questions can be found at BATIMAT 2015, in particular in the Building of the Future area in Hall 5B, which will focus on IT and New Technologies.

BATIMAT, taking place from 2 to 6 November 2015 at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, will address the major challenges facing the construction industry, in particular the digital revolution which affects all segments and trades.

The aim is to show visitors that digital tools offer concrete solutions that can not only lead to successful new-build and renovation projects but also significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs throughout lifecycle of the building and beyond, when it comes to redevelopment.

In response to this massive technological leap forward, Batimat will provide solutions to the issues facing the industry, bringing all these new technologies together for the first time as part of a holistic approach covering all aspects from design to operation.


Digital technology opens up a whole array of possibilities in the construction sector: with digital modelling, augmented reality, 3D printing and site UAVs, it is transforming construction and practices, trades and the relationship between industry players.

The building sector's entry into the digital age is bringing unprecedented cost reductions and quality gains. The main objective being to modernise the process of constructing, managing and operating buildings, save time, money and energy, and strengthen the synergies between trades and professions.

A new approach to trades and techniques

Based on digital modelling which affects all trades:

>> Thanks to digital technology, contracting authorities have greater scope for taking ownership of their project before it is completed and are better able to anticipate the future operating requirements.

>> At the same time, digital technology also enables us to create convincing models in virtual reality and attract buyers or investors even before the project is started.

However, the extent to which digital technology is used in the construction industry in France varies widely: project managers, architects and artisans have not all taken this technology on board to the same degree, which means there is a pressing need to provide appropriate training and increase awareness of digital solutions in all sectors of the industry. This will be a key objective of BATIMAT 2015.


As part of our mission to promote the transition to digital in the construction industry, BATIMAT will offer visitors from all over the world a dedicated digital technology showcase: The Building of the Future (Hall 5B).

In this area, technological developments and the new solutions the digital revolution brings to the construction sector will be shown as applicable in different industry segments. In addition, digital technology will be highlighted in all the exhibition halls, not least in the programme of talks, of which digitisation in the construction industry is one of the four main themes

>>> New in 2015: The Building of the Future area (Hall 5B) - all you need to know about tomorrow's technologies!

The Building of the Future area will showcase the new solutions and prototypes destined to become tomorrow's standards in the construction industry.

Conceived under the patronage of the Digital Transition in Construction Plan (PTNB), its aim is to inform visitors of the digital standards that will come into force in 2019 and give professionals a preview of the future, showing them how digital technology will affect the construction industry in 2025. It will recreate a real visitor itinerary, taking a market and sector- oriented approach, with the emphasis on the solutions available to the industry and, ultimately, the end user.

The 330 square meters space will be organised in several zones:

>>DEMONSTRATION AREA with a flight demonstration cage for UAVs, which will show on-screen images of building heat loss, topographic surveys, aerial photographs converted to 360° photo spheres, a fab-lab with 3D printer, laser scanner and interactive table and an augmented reality room allowing visitors to truly experience the technology.

>>BUSINESS AREA with several start-ups presenting their products, including sensors, connected objects for building, wireless technologies, data processing, big data, energy efficiency, smart thermostats and lighting, geolocation and 3D imaging/printing, and a workshop and networking area for product demonstrations, with the opportunity to meet various experts, in association with Mediaconstruct.

>>INSTITUTIONAL AREA with the presence of the PTNB, Untec, FFB, Capeb, CSTB, CINOV, UNSFA and Mediaconstruct.

>>> BIM competition open to students

The Building of the Future area will also host a challenge open to students and professionals, in partnership with Abvent, Autodesk and Nemetschek Allplan. Participants are encouraged to think about their ideas before the show and give free rein to their creativity in coming up with design ideas for the building of the future. All the projects will be displayed in the Building of the Future area and brought to the attention of our media partners and the trade press. Visitors will vote for their favourite project to determine a daily winner. At the close of the exhibition, a jury of experts will meet to decide the overall winner and prizes will be awarded the same afternoon. All participants, whether they are shortlisted or ultimately win the competition, will have a real opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and know-how, and benefit from a high-profile media event to launch their future career.

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