All Brazil's creativity in Milan. The Brazilian way at The Palazzo Giureconsulti

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Armed with innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, and tradition, Brazil goes straight to the heart of Milan during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile week. “Renda-se ao Brasil” which translates as “Abandon yourself to Brazil”, is the initiative taking place at the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti from 17-22 April 2012.

This is the third edition of the project Brazil S/A, the brainchild of José Roberto Moreira do Valle with the support of Ricardo Caminada and Edmundo Sansone Neto. The initiative is supported by the Consulate General of Brazil in Milan through the sponsorship of Brazil's Ministry of External Relations and Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Government agency for promoting investment and business, and by Promos/Milan Chamber of Commerce. The event is certainly well-timed considering the projections of Brazil's extraordinary development and explosive economic and social growth, the result of its ability to find innovative uses for its raw materials and resources. And, it comes at a moment when also Brazil finds itself poised among the world's cultural and economic leaders because it is hosting two great events in the near future: the World Cup and the Olympics.

Brazil S/A is one of the best venues for promoting Brazil's potential,” explains José Roberto Moreira do Valle project curator. ”It is meant to welcome the numerous Brazilian dealers in Milan for the Saloni and at the same time spark the curiosity and interest of the Italian and International public; it is also designed to foster new partnership opportunities between Italian and Brazilian companies”.

The Brazilian incredible effervescent energy will be on display at the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti, where different exhibitions and events showcase Brazilian creativity as well as the country's ample supplies of raw materials. It is all united by a common theme: to reveal and reinterpret the traditional heart of Brazil.

The star of “Renda-se ao Brasil”, the exhibition curated by Maria Helena Estrada, is the product which epitomises traditional Brazilian craft: lace (“rendas” in Portuguese). The creativity and entrepreneurialism of the 12 Brazilian designers provides a view into the future through their eyes, which nevertheless remain faithful to their traditional origins. Here the lace (renda) comes to life, taking the form of innovatively designed objects which break free from traditional interpretation yet remain filled with the charm of tradition, history, and the craftsmanship of Brazil.

Inspired by the country's creativity, there is also “M3 Show - Metro Cùbico”, the furniture exhibition created in collaboration with the Brazilian Consulate to promote Brazil's emerging companies and rising stars abroad. Other important events include: “Acre, certified sustainable source zone”, a selection of objects and works which take the visitor on a virtual tour through the state of Acre, providing a full sensory experience of traditional Brazilian materials and spaces; as well as, the “Casa Brasileira”, the Apex-Brasil installation which exhibits objects from traditional Brazilian houses and showcases the country's excellent offerings. The exhibit is curated by Maria Helena Estrada, with the installation design by Marko Brajovik.

For these days in Milan, the calendar will be filled with events and workshops organised by various sponsors; the different spaces will be animated for the visitors’ entertainment as well as to offer a deeper look into the possibilities this beautiful country has to offer.

Futher information at BRAZIL S/A website


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