Donar, the Slovenian firm that develops innovative solutions for workspaces of the 21st century

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“Future is all about smart design of contemporary spaces”. Slovenian company Donar presents, at Salone Ufficio in Milan, its line of smart modular furniture elements, Beatnik, including its successful and innovative Sound Station Chair, granted with a RedDot Design Award.

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We are living in the world of working on the go, having long distance meetings at flexible working hours, when the line between working hours and free time is blurred. Due to new technologies and socio-economic situation our work habits are changing on practically daily basis and more fast than ever. That is why Donar, a Slovene company from Ljubljana, has decided to team up with different designers in order to develop new and innovative solutions for workspaces of the 21st century. Their big international appearance is at this year's iSaloni Fair in Milan.

“Our workspaces are no longer limited to a desk, an office chair and a conference room. We work while a queuing at the bank, while waiting at the airports, before a meeting ... and we do most of our work using gadgets, which rarely bigger than a book. It does not matter whether our colleagues are in the next room or in a different time zone. We are connected all the time, but at the same time we need time and space for privacy. All those circumstances are challenges, which can be hardly met by a “regular” workspace,” says Matej Feguš, CEO of Donar.

Matej Feguš, CEO of Donar

Smart, multifunctional spaces

Donar sees the solution in smartly designed multifunctional space, which can easily be transformed and adjusted to the user's needs using unconventional furniture elements with integrated technologies. In that way, a waiting room can become a space for uninterrupted video conferences or phone calls, a reception area can become a place, where you relax and listen to your favorite music and your office desk can become a wireless phone charger. All these functions can, once an individual or a company decides to move, be easily relocated and adjusted in the new space.

Donar at Salone del Mobile. Milano

At the 54th Salone del Mobile Milano, Donar was presenting Beatnik, a line of smart modular furniture elements. Besides the flagship product, The Sound Station Chair, the Beatnik family features multipurpose conference space Room-In-Room and modular seating solution Open Source. All furniture is made in Donar's production facilities in Ljubljana and designed by the Slovene design agency Gigodesign. Besides Beatnik, the exhibition offers two projects by the Desnahemisfera collective - Chat loop, a nostalgic phone booth made out of felt and Keep it Simple Chair designed for environmentally aware users, who also want to express their individual taste and style in the work environment. For more conventional, but still demanding users, Doonar is producing and exhibiting ergonomic office chair designed by the Danish designer Mads Odgård.

Donar is a young Slovene furniture company, which over the past years shifted focus from manufacturing furniture and representation of successful foreign brands to design and development of our own innovative furniture and spatial solutions. In 2010, their chairs were chosen to furnish the entire Danish Public Administration. Their most important market is Scandinavia. In 2013, Donar received a Red Dot Honorable Mention for product Beatnik, The Sound Station Chair.

Source: Donar

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