TNK Flex office chair designed by Alegre Design for Actiu. A second skin anticipating your every move

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The TNK Flex, designed by Alegre Design for Actiu, chair is a quality leap in design and development of ergonomically designed office chairs, based on the haptic interaction with the user for a better, more ergonomic support.

A chair that intuitively anticipates the user needs, adapting to the morphology and movements of the human body and adapting the seat and the backrest to the user's features, as if it were a second skin.

Alegre Design creates a new office chair concept

Until now, a work chair was conceived as a chair allowing to adjust its geometry to the anthropometrics of the user. Chairs were designed keeping in mind the stand and support of bones and muscles, but Alegre Design has gone one step forward by starting, hand in hand with the manufacturer Actiu, a new and innovative stage in the office chair field. TNK Flex, the functional and operative chair that predicts the user needs intuitively, adapting and adjusting the seat and the backrest to the morphology and movements of the human body as if it were a second skin.

TNK Flex provides two main novelties that are going to mark a milestone in the office chair development at Actiu: the sustenance and the haptic interaction with the user, understanding haptics as the sensory communication perceived through contact with any part of the human body, closely related to movement.

Sustenance is located at the seat, a key part in the ergonomics of any chair and the foundation to provide the perfect position and comfort for the rest of the body. “The seat was designed using a technology similar to that used to design truck cabs: a floating seat providing a feeling of weightlessness. The contact surface is made of foam equipped with air chambers, a new technology applied to the office chairs favoring compression and decompression making, thus, the seat adjust and adapt its shape to the specific needs of the user, creating a feeling of balance and comfort”, Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design CEO and designer, explains.

“From the comfortable and balanced position, we created a haptically responsive backrest that, through physical contact, holds the back of the user adapting its features to every movement, without the user having to activate any mechanism”, Alegre points out. The seat is the spot from where the user rests on a 100% adaptable (height, tilt, torsion) backrest, accompanying and predicting the movements of the user, as in a gentle dance, granting total freedom for movement in their daily work, offering perfect posture and maximum efficiency at all times.

The TNK Flex chair uses the technological framework of the TNK collection, providing a unique and timeless design. This chair is the product of a 15-year research and development work along with the furniture manufacturer Actiu. This joint venture has turned both companies in benchmarks of quality in design and manufacture of office furniture in general and, more specifically, of office chairs. This partnership started in the year 2006 with the development of the TNK chair and its syncro mechanism (along with the TNK family, other strategically chair families have been developed, such as Winner and Stay, along with the prize-winning company icon, TNK 500).

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