"The House I Dream Of", an international initiative by the ESARQ-UIC targeted to future Architects

News Infurma23/05/2014

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya's School of Architecture (Esarq-UIC) launched an initiative called The House I Dream Of. This project involves international participation and targets secondary school students who are drawn to architecture.

Over the next few months, future architects will be able to share their ideas about their dream houses, creating their own vision of the relationship between people and their habitat.

ESARQ-UIC has set up a website where people can share ideas via different formats: videos, drawings, plans or texts: www.thehouseidreamof.com

Send your proposals between 15 May and 15 July.

All of the material we receive will form part of an exhibition to be held in the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) once the project is over.

The House I Dream Of is a cultural project devised to highlight the role architects play in our daily lives, encouraging reflection about the professionals who designed the homes we live in. Through this project secondary school students can learn about the process of thinking about a home, the variables that influence this process and how these can change depending on the country, culture or environment the home is being designed for. It is an initial introduction for students who are thinking about studies in this area.

Young people without any prior knowledge of architecture can participate in this project. This means that they are able to create a space for dreaming about all their ideas that may not yet be viable architecturally, but express their own concept of the house they dream of.

Fuente: Esarq-UIC

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