Blackshaw Interior Design chooses the Beauval collection by Keraben for the outdoors of this house in Marbella

News Infurma23/07/2015

When Blackshaw Interior Design (BID) started the project, the house, located in Marbella (Málaga), needed a complete renovation. Following the preferences of the houseowners, BID adapted each of the house areas.

They redesigned and widened the exterior area, in which the swimming pool took the main focus. To do so, they chose the tile floor Beauval, a collection designed by Keraben Group. The versatility of this collection makes possible to create uniform spaces thanks to its multiple formats, exclusively designed to pave and cover in a continuous way, indoor and outdoor as well. In this case, cream tonalities have been chosen with antislip finishing, appropriated for an exterior area.

Beauval collection is able to express the beauty of the natural stone, adding to it the technical properties of the ceramic material. At the time of choosing the roof outdoors, the strength, the high durability and the minimal maintenance were decissive. The result is an harmonic environment in perfect line with all the surrounding elements.

Source: Keraben

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