On the sustainability test bench. Ecostyle 2014 holds its second edition concurrently with Tendence

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The registration process for the second edition of Ecostyle, Trade fair for Sustainable Lifestyle Products, in Frankfurt am Main is in full swing. For example, two exhibitors from the premičre - TERRA VECCHIA and WERKHAUS - have elected to take part again in 2014. As important advantages of the event format, both companies draw attention to the large number of visitors and the specific interest of retailers in sustainable products. Moreover, the share of such products in retailers’ assortment is increasing constantly.

Common to all exhibitors is the same claim for the value-added path of their products: sustainability as a matter of course. However, the aim is not to offer niche products for a select clientele but rather to awaken and increase the environmental awareness of all consumers. This can be achieved via a targeted information policy and, naturally, with competitive products that are no less attractive than those made using non-sustainable production methods.

The trade fair is of great strategic importance for us. We know that we are part of an order platform that is very attractive to visitors”, says Ingo Meyer Mauerhofer, Head of the TERRA VECCHIA Studio. Moreover, says Eva Danneberg, Business Manager of WERKHAUS, “There is a responsibility after the finished product is sold. In other words, the aim is not only to create products but also ensure sustainable value, for example, by using renewable raw materials.

As in the case of new exhibitors, TERRA VECCHIA and WERKHAUS had to submit their products for testing by the independent Ecostyle Advisory Council in 2013. All products are assessed individually by the experts. Applications are invited from all consumer-goods manufacturers offering sustainable product lines or a product assortment comprising exclusively sustainable articles. When making their recommendations, the Advisory Council gives consideration, inter alia, to the recyclability of the products, their quality and, therefore, durability, as well as the extent to which efficient use is made of materials and energy in the production process. Fair working and business conditions are also important factors.

Under the brand GlasArt, the TERRA VECCHIA foundation uses recycled and ‘upcycled’ glass to make high-quality consumer goods, such as glasses, dishes and vases, distinguished by unpretentious design.

When assessing the TERRA VECCHIA products, the Advisory Council was struck in particular by the way the company treats its employees because a part of the working process involves people who are dependent on supervision and support within the framework of vocational integration or a protected workplace. For the Advisory Council, this approach is a strong indicator of a comprehensive cycle of sustainability that begins with people as a human resource.

Established over 20 years ago, WERKHAUS makes innovative products for the furnishing sector. The spectrum ranges from accessories, via lamps, to office supplies.

The jury was particularly impressed by the concealed use of environmentally friendly materials, e.g., recycled wood, FSC paper and non-toxic wax, in the production process. In other words, the use of these materials is not apparent from simply looking at the products. Moreover, WERKHAUS plays a pioneering role in the field of customer service with individual parts being available to replace defective products - a decisive step to counteract the throw-away culture mentioned so frequently in the media.

Other exhibitors at the trade fair will present products in the following segments: interiors & design, fashion & accessories, house & garden, children & toys, sports & leisure, desk & office and beauty & enjoyment.

Parallel to Ecostyle: Tendence, the international consumer-goods event

Tendence (30 August to 2 September 2014) is one of Europe's most important order platforms for consumer goods in the second half of the year. The extensive range of products is relevant for all channels of distribution: for the retail trade, Tendence is the decisive order platform for the busy Christmas and winter business while bulk buyers can obtain an initial overview of new products for the coming spring and summer season, 2015. As in the past, the Ecostyle and Webchance fairs will be held concurrently with Tendence 2014.

Information by courtesy of Messe Frankfurt Exhbition GmbH

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