Capdell has presented seven new collections in Milan

News Infurma07/05/2012

The Spanish brand comes to this year's Milan fair with new products that follow the line of change initiated in last year's edition. Designer Gabriel Teixidó created the models MOON and ZAS; Carlos Tíscar, the models AVA and ECO, and the italian Fiorenzo Dorigo, the models ICS and CAPITA. The seat YMAY has been developed in house by the design team of Capdell. All the products are fresh and different, made with the quality that the contract sector demands.

MOON and ICS collections are particulary noted for its size and versatility. From a basic concept, they extend its range with different finishes, both the seat and structure. These collections incorporate different materials such as wood, metal or plastic.

AVA - Design Carlos Tíscar

As well as the famous actress, the AVA chair has a strong personality made of contrasts. The volume, of solid construction, is build with thin pieces making flat sections thanks to the bevelled. The collection has been designed with slightly inclined straight lines giving a serene appearance perfect for a private ambient or installation.

ECO - Design Carlos Tíscar

The main feature of this model is a complex skeletal structure. This shows the personality of the chair and defines it as an almost sculptural object, which, despite its starkness, ends up being warm and inviting thanks to its shape and the natural materials used in its construction. The structure, devoid of edges, radiates such strength and stability that it seems to emerge from the ground rather than being supported by it.

MOON - Design Gabriel Teixidó

The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON light collection, one shell and seven different bases allow us to adapt it to any space or use, meetings, eat, wait, relax at home, at the office, at the hotel... with a common denominador: comfort and aesthetic. MOON has as many faces as the real satellite.

ZAS - Design Gabriel Teixidó

Zas pieces convey through their shape the personality, warmth and complexity that can be achieved with a work of cabinetmaking. The construction of this design combines solidity and durability and has a light, attractive and natural look.

ICS - Design Fiorenzo Dorigo

A multi-purpose collection which features a metal structure shell coated with high-resistance, flexible, lightly-coloured injected polyurethane. The upholstery and the use of various support materials, such as wood or metal, make Ics chairs appropriate for the home or for other spaces; they can be adapted to every atmosphere, from the most informal to the most sophisticated.

CAPITA - Design Fiorenzo Dorigo

Elegant and multi-purpose, Capita is a wide chair which takes up almost as much space as an armchair and, at the same time, has a light and warm look thanks to the fine cabinetmaker's touch and the thin seat, which seems to float over the structure. Because of its design, it works well alone or in conjunction with other pieces, be it at home or in other spaces.

YMAY - Design Capdell Team

Yemaya... yemay...YMAY. Mother, origin, strength... this design has the aim of a solid seat, simple but not ordinary. A chair suitable for any space by its freshness and wide range of solutions. Just like Yemaya, mother and origin of the waters, YMAY kindly embrace us while we socialize, dream, think and create.

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