Blume by Sebastian Herkner and Toa by Robin Rizzini, among Pedrali's 2020 novelties

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Blume by Sebastian Herkner and Toa by Robin Rizzini, among Pedrali's 2020 novelties

Pedrali, the 100% Made in Italy company that produces furniture for contract and residential, presents the new collections 2020. Versatile products that, in a year in which facing the Covid-19 emergency has become a necessity, aim to wellness, comfort and sustainability without giving up on that aesthetics and high quality which have always characterized them.

The new collections are presented through “New Ideas 2020”, the project in which products are enhanced with expressivity thanks to the interaction with the surroundings. Sets are characterized by clean design and a pastel palette that recall suspended and reassuring realities, able to convey the desire for beauty and dream. The attention to details and to materials is here enhanced, revealing the savoir faire and the passion that the company showcases every year also by taking advantage of the collaboration with Italian and international designers. In order to suggest real scenarios, in which these new collections find their place, a play of lights and shadows is used. An impactful effect is the result, able to convey the vibrant soul of these products.

The outdoor sets are enriched with greenery, where the fronds seem to blow in the wind outlining pleasant and relaxing dehors.

This year Pedrali introduces two new collaborations: with the German designer Sebastian Herkner and the Anglo-Italian Robin Rizzini.

The creative and design universe of Herkner, 2019 “Designer of the Year”, is guided by craftsmanship, quality and functionality. In line with Pedrali's philosophy, this is a world where traditional artisan skills blend with new production technologies to create products based on high quality materials that age with time.

This artistic and design partnership gives rise to a new collection that draws inspiration from the concepts of elegance and sophistication: Blume.

Featured by a soft and rounded shape, both chair and lounge armchair owe their distinctive appearance to their sophisticated flower-shaped profile in extruded aluminium. An extremely comfortable collection, in which the slender frame and the soft, generous polyurethane foam are harmoniously combined. The steel structural element, placed under the seat to strengthen the chair and to secure the legs is removable: this way all product's components can be disassembled and disposed of correctly at the end of their life cycle.

The collection is complemented by a set of coffee tables featuring the seating's flower-shaped profile. Available in various heights and sizes, the Blume tables may be combined to create different compositions.

Rizzini's work stems instead from his research into innovative materials and production processes. His designs centre on coherence and rationality, rejecting every design redundancy and the use of unnecessary materials, both in terms of quality and of quantity.

The collaboration with the italian company gives life to a new functional and expressive product: Toa, a table that combines a technical-industrial style with decorative allure. Lightweight and minimalist, the Toa table is characterised by a solid die-cast aluminium frame in a fluid geometric design, suitable to support large sizes tops. Main features are its tapered bridge legs made of die-cast aluminium, which are thinner at the base and widen up towards the “T” element that supports the top. The use of geometry gives life to an iconic shape that blends the strength and lightness of a minimal design with details that enhance the expressiveness and the style of the materials used.

Thanks to its modularity, Toa table is available in a variety of widths and depths and in a wide range of finishes. It is the perfect choice for both living areas and workspaces, besides many other uses.

Source: Pedrali
Photos: Andrea Garuti
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