Canesú, a lamp designed with minimum environmental impact and the maximum light efficiency for large spaces

News Infurma20/10/2011

The latest LED technology and the use of materials that respect the environment offer new possibilities for the lighting industry. Canesú, designed by Sanserif Creatius, weighs less than 4 four kilograms and it's a 1.5 meters in diameter.

A lamp designed for large spaces offering minimal environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency is the latest creation of Sanserif Creatius designers. The lamp it was presented at “My cHair Needs a Haircut” exhibition, within the Valencia Disseny Week (VDW), cultural event which takes place next to the Feria Habitat Valencia.
Canesu is inspired by traditional textiles on which is built a dress. In fact, the lamp is essentially a metaphor for the accessory things, because the lamp structure is built using only recycled materials as a skeleton that finally creates the luminaire.

Canesu is designed to dress up a space, but without becoming a visual separator, without hiding their environment, but on the contrary, it aims to integrate and be functional, maintaining a high aesthetic look. In addition, the piece has been designed to be assembled and disassembled, allowing it a flexibility that usually haven’t this type of luminaires designed for decorating large spaces.
Canesu is a responsible and contemporary lamp, incorporating the latest LED technology to improve the quality of light and the savings in energy consumption and with the versatility of recycled corrugated cardboard.


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