The best Spanish design shown at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, coordinated by Red

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Eleven Spanish Design Companies will be participating in the Scandinavian trade fair, Stockholm Furniture & Northern Light Fair, coordinated by Red (Spanish Design Companies Association), including, Andreu World, Enea Contract, Cosentino, Lzf Lamps, Sancal, Made Design, Kriska Decor, Amat-3, La Alpujarreña, Imasoto and Vondom.

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Andreu World

New Brandy, Design Lievore Altherr Molina

Upholstered armchairs and lounge chairs with a structure covered in flexible foam. The armchair version is available in five different bases: cantilever, sled base, four steel legs or four beech wood legs and a central swivel base with 4 legs of oak plywood.

Ronda, Design Lievore Altherr Molina

Armchairs with an oak wood shell or upholstered with flexible foam. Available with one of many diverse steel bases (four legs, sled base, central base with crossed legs or wheels) or wood bases. It is characterized for its great comfort and larger dimensions. Adaptable for the home and all public and professional settings. Ideally for use in offices and in work spaces as visitor seats, in conference rooms or collective seating (meeting rooms in hotels and restaurants).

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Enea Contract

Lottus barstool (wood). Design Lievore Altherr Molina

A series of barstools, with the seat and backrest composed of injected polypropylene frames, and the possibility of combining colours and plastic or textile finishes. These are mounted on different metallic bases: with four castor wheels, a central support and castor wheels, or on a fixed support, the last two types come in two heights. And since 2013 is also available with wood structure. The versatility resulting from these combinations make Lottus an ideal choice for a wide range of situations, whether in the office or at home.Armchairs with an oak wood shell or upholstered with flexible foam. Available with one of many diverse steel bases (four legs, sled base, central base with crossed legs or wheels) or wood bases. It is characterized for its great comfort and larger dimensions. Adaptable for the home and all public and professional settings. Ideally for use in offices and in work spaces as visitor seats, in conference rooms or collective seating (meeting rooms in hotels and restaurants).

Lottus chair (wood & high). Design Lievore Altherr Molina

Lottus Chair designed by Lievore Altherr Molina following the lines and the style of the Lottus stool. This seats program is made up of injected polypropylene bench formed by a single frame combining colour and upholstery on the seat. The design allows it to be mounted on several painted metal tube structures with a stackable 4 leg base, stackable sledge base and swivelling central leg, as well as a 4 leg chair with arms and without, with wheels, as well as 3 different types of armrests: steel, aluminium and wingshaped armrest. In the 2010 the family was extended with the new version Lottus Spin, a 4 leg base fixed or swivelling and the children's version. And since 2011 the Lottus chair is also available with integral upholstered frame and oak veneer frame.

Lottus chair (office). Design Lievore Altherr Molina

In 2012 are added the versions of high-back chair, new aluminium base for the office chair, wood structure and 2D an 3D wood frame.

Way table. Design Josep Lluscà

Way, Josep Lluscà design, is a modular system tables, height adjustable and demountable archive furniture specially designed to offer versatile solutions to the contract sector and the home office, in order to meet the needs of such diverse areas as operational office, management offices, meeting or training rooms, canteens, libraries, etc. Furthermore, Way also fits the hotel equipment and outdoor spaces, as all materials used are stainless; aluminium, polypropylene, compact laminate and glass.

The main structure is made in extruded aluminium profile as well as the legs, providing lightness to the new design and, ease of composition solutions. The top is made of melamine, laminate, glass and also customizable according to customer needs. It has different accessories to complete multiple composition possibilities...

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New range of colours

KriskaDECOR wants to introduce warm and elegant tones that soften the metallic reflexes of the designs.

There are five new colours: 3 shades of pink (charm pink, pink and pale pink), Orange apricot and Black coffee brown.

This is the first step towards a generous colour palette that allows more variety, complexity and elegance in designs. This new spectrum conveys softness, warmness and subtle distinction to the curtains and increases options for creative design.

New designs, ready to hang:: Botti Black&White

Just like a piece of textile, KriskaDECOR's metal curtains can be embellished with any design you desire and can be totally customised by our Contract division. Recently KriskaDECOR has produced a collection of decorative curtains designed by Claire Davies. They come in two standard sizes (2.5m by 0.9m and 1.35m by 1.80m) and are easy to hang in any environment.

Botti Black&White is one of the designs that forms part of the Classic collection. Others, such as Country, Luxury and Gypsette offer diverse designs for all sorts of environments.

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Shaping Silestone by Camapas

Created by renowned Brazilian designers, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Shaping Silestone is a modular piece of furniture, which combines conceptual and sculptural ideas. Inspired by the idea of a Swiss army knife, the design consists of three main components that transform into a multi-functional furniture unit. The project is made from the world leading quartz worksurface, Silestone by Cosentino and features the Silestone Integrity sink by Cosentino. The front panels of the design are made from a fine hardwood veneer from a walnut tree that was cut more than a half a century ago.

This is the second time that Cosentino has worked with Fernando and Humberto Campana, two renowned experts in the world of international design. In 2010, they jointly presented the project “Campanas for eCosentino” at Milan Design Week. This project was an artistic interpretation of the recycled surface ECO by Cosentino®, which toured the main European design fairs..

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Lzf Lamps

Lzf Lamps will be present in the Nordic design appointment, the Stockholm Furniture & Northern Light Fair. Together with soft furniture wizards, Sancal, LZF will show The Chandelier, a collage of light by Marivi Calvo. Models Agatha (Luis Eslava Studio), Minimikado (Miguel Herraiz), Poppy (Burkhard Dämmer), Totem (Burkhard Dämmer & Marivi Calvo), Pod (Burkhard Dämmer), Raindrop (Javier Herrero Studio), Spiro (Remedios Cervantes) and Air (Ray Power) can be seen there.

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Made Design by Planning Sisplamo

Nagoya. Design Joan gaspar

Lecture lectern with a core made of roto-moulded polyethylene. Its force defines the interest in providing the space with a personal image. Includes technological applications and microphone options. Height-adjustable and with a customizable body and base. Also available in upholstered or lacquered versions.

Sendai. Design Joan Rojeski

A mail box with key and sided tray for documents/catalogues, this designed and innovating product is made to co-working spaces, multi offices building, houses, hotels employees or guest...

Perth. Design Stokkeaustad

Planning board with 432 magnet pieces to make multiple colour combinations, as well as personalising each day with a picture or any element to remember the special day. Also available with a white metallic board in two different sizes.

Osaka. Design Mar Vaillo

Writing board for lecture or meeting rooms. The freestanding version with a high-tech image and a wooden surface makes it suitable for any environment. Foldable to occupy minimum space and heightadjustable, thus making its use and transport much easier. The wall-mounted version provides for a special aesthetic image due to its slender board.


Float. Design Karim Rashid

Float is a contemporary divan designed for multiple uses. This slim floating seat with built wall, gives us total privacy in an open environment to sit back, hang the scarf and coat, or just wait in the booth that has enormous support.

Party. Design Luis Eslava

“Don’t seat, party!” is the motto of this modular product that provides new ways of living around the couch. Sitting at different levels and reach out for the conquest of land becomes a new experience because we can break barriers and interact smoothly. We can also expand the seating easily.

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GridBcn collection. Design Xavier Solé

Inspired on a regular grid. Designed from Barcelona to satisfy everybody worldwide who would enjoy some time with friends. having perhaps some “tapas”. Outdoors or indoors, made with protected steel to resist hard contract uses. A collection with everything; chair, armchair, stool, and a wide offer of tables.


Sloo Collection. Design Karim Rashid

Sloo creates a state between liquid plastic and solid material object. Plastic loves to flow, to be amorphous. We too are amorphous so the relationship is symbiotic. The results are organic forms that softly translate into and out of flat planar surfaces.

Frame Collection. Design Ramón Esteve

Frame was born from looking for serene and timeless shapes using elementary geometry. The result are solid pieces with light appearance, offering at the same time the maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic design.

Daybed Faz. Design Ramón Esteve

The FAZ family is growing and growing. VONDOM now enters into the world of sunshade with Daybed, an elegant and comfortable sunbed with a double function for outdoor.

Peacock Collection. Design Eero Aarnio

Just as its creator describes, the peacocks were part of his childhood, even though their country of origin is very far from Finland. Eero´s home was very close to the Helsinki zoo, which is located on an island where the peacocks, which were imported from India, were free to roam freely since they could not fly away due to their bad flying skills.

Chrismy. Design Teresa Sapey

Inspired in natural, organic and elegant shapes that rise towards its peak in each of its silhouette to-and-fro movement. Its interior lighting creates a true enveloping atmospheres to be able to enjoy them in different spaces.

Agatha. Design Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

The freshness, innocence and spontaneity reaches VONDOM by the hand of the collection AGATHA by AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA, the first , Kids collection of VONDOM. The characteristic icons of the designer, perceived instantly by their simple, sweet and refined shapes. A funny, creative and optimistic composition integrated throughout infantile codes: flowers, hearts...

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The Nordic design trade fair, Stockholm Furniture & Northern Ligh Fair helds from 05 - 09 February in Stockholm (Sweden).

Source: Red-Aede

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