AquaSymphony shower by GROHE. Create Your Own Luxury Spa at Home

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Imagine a moment when your body and mind truly become one and you find yourself solidly grounded in the here and now. It is that elusive moment when everything comes together as in a perfectly tuned and conducted orchestra. This moment has a new name: GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AQUASYMPHONY.

With this piece of luxury GROHE brings a new dimension into showering. Wrapped in an undulating curtain of water, bathed in softly coloured light and accompanied by relaxing sounds, you become part of a composition inspiring all your senses - the symphony of showering.

This fascinating ensembleof water, light and music is made possible by a shower of unprecedented proportions. More than one metre long and in excess of 75 centimetres wide, the headshower from the GROHE SPA® range delivers a whole new water experience. The bathroom becomes a private stage where the main protagonist can even choose his or her own backdrop. Refresh yourself under a roaring waterfall? Relax in a soft summer rain? Recharge your batteries being massaged by a bubbly jet of water? Loosen up your tense muscles with a pulsating massage? This water symphony is all about total freedom of choice. To suit the mood of the moment, the lighting can be personalized as well.

GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AQUASYMPHONY is the latest addition to the GROHE F-Series range of components to transform residential bathrooms into luxurious private spas. It includes head, ceiling-mounted and side showers as well as elements for mood lighting and musical entertainment. Digital controls and interfaces allow personalising the shower experience in accordance with each user's unique needs and wants for the ultimate well-being in the shower, day byday.

GROHE Rainshower® F-Series 40″ AQUASYMPHONY - shower symphony with a truly exceptional performance.

Source: Grohe

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