Artemader expands its Scandinavian look collection "Matt-Give me five" with new pieces and finishes

News Infurma04/07/2019
Artemader expands its Scandinavian look collection “Matt-Give me five” with new pieces and finishes

With this collection, the Spanish company, achieved to bring the Nordic style to the Mediterranean

Artemader continues developing the Catalogue “Matt-Give me five” of Scandinavian design with new pieces, more colors and finally, with many more possibilities and combinations. The collection is characterized by its simplicity of lines, soft colors denoting our mood, and the presence of wood, the element of furniture par excellence, which brings naturalness to the whole.

The versatility of the collection ranges from the youth space, senior bedroom, offices and professional studios due to its high capacity of customization.

Made with beech wood and wood derivatives such as plywood, they offer security, resistance and robustness at all levels.

A collection full of details, differentiated and adaptable pieces to offer the consumer something really special, modern and also timeless.

Source: Artemader
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