Fiora Experience, a bathroom design for every user

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Fiora Experience, a bathroom design for every user

In Cevisama 2020, Fiora presents its options for personalising its products in Fiora Experience, introducing solid surface and natural stone, which can be combined with polyurethane, the true flagship of the Fiora catalogue

Fiora Experience is the concept that the brand of the same name presented between the 3rd and the 7th of January in Cevisama (Valencia) at the N2 P6 Stand D127. Besides polyurethane, Fiora unveiled its solid surface and natural stone for countertops and washbasins. Another new development was the ability to customise the size of the units, as well as to customise the polyurethane designs with any of the colours from the RAL card.

Personalised colours with the RAL card

With the message Don’t be afraid of colour, Fiora presented new designs with personalised colour arrangements. All its designs in polyurethane - shower trays, units, washbasins, radiators and panels - can be customised with any of the 200 colours of the RAL card .

A collection of five fashionable natural stones and the introduction of solid surface

The design team at Fiora have chosen a range of marbles from different parts of the planet with long traditions in the natural stone sector (Italy, Spain, Iran) to reflect the contemporary elegance of the Fiora style. Negro Marquina, Crema Marfil, Marrón Emperador, Carrara and Pietra Gris make up the natural stone range available for bathroom countertops. The brand has also added solid surface for washbasins and countertops, completing its polyurethane catalogue.

Nook, an asymmetrical shower tray with personality
Design: Fiora Design Studio. Año: 2020

Fiora exclusively presents a new solid surface shower tray. Nook is characterised by a play of asymmetrical lines that balances a differentiating formal design, with a harmonious work in terms of tone and texture chosen to resist passing fashions. “The concept of asymmetric design helps to make the piece a protagonist in a space used to formal monotony“, explains Fiora Design Studio.

Nook has a right- and left-hand drainage trim and custom sizes with a 25 mm perimeter frame. Starting from 120x80cm, the maximum dimensions are 200x100cm, but the performance of the solid surface allows for customised solutions. This makes it suitable for both residential spaces and public sector contracting.

Elax, a shower tray that adapts to your space

In this edition, the brand also highlighted Elax, a flexible polyurethane shower tray that is easier to transport and install, while retaining all the technical performance of this material. Elax defies the limits of polyurethane with a design created from the innovative spirit of Fiora. The installer will adjust the flexible shower tray to the space available, eliminating the limits imposed by set forms. The design adapts 100% to its space.

Textura Spring by Simone Polga
Design: Simone Polga Año: 2019

Fiora highlights its work in polyurethane through its collaboration with Simone Polga. The Italian designer has created a new texture for inclusion in the bathroom collection. Spring was made from the visual similarity between the texture of a leaf seen under a microscope and the dry terrain found in arid climates. This has enabled the designer to create a texture that is an aesthetic and conceptual element of the bathroom that also works to arouse sensitivity to the need to respect water as an essential resource for humanity. “The project came from the analysis of two natural phenomena: chlorophyll photosynthesis, an essential process for life, and drought, an event that represents a rupture of natural equilibrium” explained the designer.

Simone Polga is a creative director based in Milan who works across disciplines but focuses on branding, visual identity and environmental design. After founding Joe Velluto, a visionary Italian design studio, she joined MAD in 2012, a top-level architecture and design studio with headquarters in New York, where she led the creation of strategic brands and integrated creative projects for major corporate accounts for 5 years.

Now based in Italy, Polga works directly with companies to create brands through creative design strategies, the design of innovative services and powerful experiences.

Source: Fiora
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