Hábitat 2015 grows in international design exhibitors and increases the supply sectors

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Feria Hábitat Valencia last holding its next edition, from the 9 to the 13 of February, with the best prospects after forming a showcase that grows in exhibition area and dimension thereof to a 25% compared to the last edition.

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In this sense, positive synergies that developed last year with the initiative See You in Valencia have had continuity 2015, with the simultaneous holding of Habitat Cevisama and Maderalia Selection, two events that complement a comprehensive range around architecture, interior design and design.

Thereby, and with just two weeks to open its doors, Feria Habitat Valencia recorded an exceptional showcase the presence of national and international brands of quality and leaders in their segments. Stresses in this area increased international design firms, which now account for 20% Showcase of total habitat, and growth in the supply of modern sectors, upholstery and rest, with a larger presence in editing 2014 and in addition to the areas of highest decoration, vanguard, flash, office, outdoor furniture, lighting and textiles in a showcase that is structured around levels 2 and 3 flag 6.

The best national and international firms

The event this year have added a selection of the best firms and national and international brands. The vast majority of them repeat and increase the surface area contracted last year but many others are again incorporated to showcase Habitat after some editions of absence. Therefore, highlights in the field of international design firms such as the presence of the Italian Soviet, Plust, Phormalab, My Home Collection and Cattelan, la Portuguese White, German DEGARDIN or signature ‘top’ of Nordic design GÄRSNÄS. These are joined a distinguished group of Spanish firms forefront ringside as Viccarbe, Andreu World, Calm, Koo, Carmens, Active, Point, , Capdell the Cubox.

These firms coexist with large Classic and High Decoration. Firms that make reference Habitat in its internationalization platform New Tecni, Stang, Soher, Canella, Collection Alexandra, Hurtado, Ascension Latorre, Cercos the Contradictions and add to the outstanding group of firms lighting as Almerich, Lladró, Riperlamp, ACB the Martínez y Orts, in its most classic slope, the Fambuena and Lightin lighting design more.

On the one hand, in the next edition will have a prominent role the commercial segment of the furniture, with the presence of leading brands in the sectors of modern, upholstered or rest. Mobel Yecla, Gomarco, Acomodel, Ofna Upholstery, Ofspace, Orchards Group, Gamamobel, Location, Clover Furniture the Luxurious upholstered will be some of these firms, to which must be added an outstanding representation of the best Portuguese habitat AM Classic, MAB the ADC.

Quality buyers looking for an exclusive product

For this year, Feria Habitat Valencia has drawn intense campaign to attract national and international visitors. Domestically, Spanish shops and dealers have refocused their looks Habitat, in search of a new product, different and unique. For this segment, the contest has been organized in collaboration with the state employer's trade and territorial CECOMU different routes of buses from Andalusia, Madrid, Euskadi and Catalonia with free travel for retail partners.

In addition, domestic visitors will also benefit from deals on tickets Renfe and Iberia toward Valencia ranging from the 35 to the 50% discount on the ticket price.

Meanwhile, internationally, Habitat has selected 1.099 professional buyers from 77 countries to be present at your next appointment. These professionals were selected based on their high purchasing power, their preferences toward offering firms and trademarks in the window of Habitat, knowledge of these markets and provenance of special interest to exhibitors at Feria Habitat Valencia own.

“A new Habitat for the whole sector”

But, the event an issue in which optimism is again present is prepared. “We are facing a new Habitat”, says the director of the event Máximo Solaz, to whom he has been instrumental “The support of the entire sector this fair, represented by its sectoral organizations “. In this sense, Solaz has incidido in “The amount that each of them has made the contest and the involvement of the same to be their fair Valencia, the great fair in Spain and the only committed to quality and internationality “ and has sought to highlight the involvement of public bodies such as ICEX the IVACE International and industry associations Anieme and Fedai, state employer Manufacturers Federhábitat and traders CECOMU and the group of commercial agents.

See You in Valencia 2015

Together with the commercial offer, convening See You at Valencia held various activities both at the fair itself and in the city of Valencia. Therefore, in the city include the Routes of Architecture ‘, by which three guided by architectural jewels of the city of Valencia tours or exposure is performed ‘Res Furniture’ Walking furniture styles from the fifteenth century or sample designer Pepe Gimeno in the Palau de la Música. Similarly, ADCV scheduled several activities in parallel under the umbrella of the Valencia Design Week, as the exhibition ‘Design Skeet’ at the Cultural Centre La Nau.

In addition, calendar events will draw on already established as the Nude Lounge, new design nursery habitat, conferences Ágora nude or activities under the initiative Cevisama Lab, as International Design Competition Ceramic, the Alfa de Oro Awards, Sample Trans / milestones or Architecture and Design Forum. It is also planned to be held coinciding with Cevisama, Selecting the habitat and Maderalia International Forum of Contract, which will bring together international exhibitors and specifiers around the equipment business for institutions and the Maderalia Technical Conference Selection, about new materials and construction innovation.

Source: Feria Habitat Valencia

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