Victor Carrasco is inspired by the shape of the boats’ keel to design the new shelves for Viccarbe

News Infurma25/09/2018

Viccarbe presented the latest additions to its collection at the recently closed Feria Habitat Valencia 2018. The unique and versatile Keel shelves, designed by Victor Carrasco, have captivated us.

The new Keel shelves, with their sculptural essence, join the ViccArte family with a fluid, elegant and timeless form.

These pieces, which are inspired by the shape of a boat's keel, are made in solid oak and emerge smoothly from the wall, like an exercise in reflection on functionality and art.

The infinite possibilities of its graphic compositions enable the creation of facilities not just for placing books, objects or photographs, but also providing a support for any type of shelf.

“No illness is harder to cure than habit; that is what I avoid in my designs. It's easier to complicate things than to simplify them. Simple, functional shapes enter the mind more quickly and last longer.”- explains Víctor Carrasco, the founder of Viccarbe and creator of the new Keel shelves.

Source: Viccarbe
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