The copper legs starrring in the new furniture Collection by edeestudio for Valencia Rattan

News Infurma21/04/2016

The company from Vallada, Valencia Rattan, presents its new and comprehensive indoor furniture collection designed by edeestudio.

Copper is a collection based on sideboards, cupboards, shelves and tables, with a common denominator, the metal legs finished copper, which is the one that gives its name to the collection.

All pieces are made of oak or walnut veneer and combined with bold colors like blue and orange in drawers and sliding doors.

Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_2Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_3Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_4Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_5Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_6Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_7Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_8Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_9Copper_Valencia_Rattan_edeestudio_10Source: edeestudio

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