Substance celebrates the wonders of the sea in the design of The Ocean restaurant

News Infurma18/05/2016

Colective Substance, with offices in Hong Kong, Paris and Stockholm, has carried out the interior design, concept and strategy project of The Ocean, a luxurious restaurant located in Hong Kong with stunning sea views.

The Ocean, protean and primeval, has enchanted many who have come before. Along the coast of Repulse bay beach, an oceanic sanctum has been imagined as a place of marvels, where one can experience beyond the surface of the sea and into the alluring depths of the unknown.

The restaurant's interior invites you through a pool of dark blues and cyan, balanced with sandy brown finishes throughout. ceiling-to-floor windows offer a clear panoramic view of the sea-side on the horizon, diving into the deep through the portal frames flourished with silver leafs.


There is an emphasis on intimacy, as the ocean houses three private dining rooms for an added lap of luxury. Magic is added with a backdrop of the ocean itself, while the walls of a jellyfish aquarium surrounding each private dining room, submerging each visitor into a pool of conversation as they observe the mystique of nature around them.

But the devil truly is in the details, with tableware and furnishings taking design cues from coral leafs, anemone spirals and fibonacci suites in shells - each designed to reflect the undersea organic geometry lives.


Project Title: The Ocean
Client: Le Comptoir
Strategy, brand identity, graphic design: Substance Limited
Photography: Dennis Lo x Substance

Source: Substance

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