Gessi opens a new showroom in Milan with a travel for the five sense

News Infurma09/05/2012

“GESSI UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE” is the The Story Telling of a “discovery” in a 5 sense path that unveils in the underground of the new Spazio Gessi Milano yard (via Manzoni 16/A). The construction site has been opened exceptionally on the occasion of the “Milan Interational Design Week 2012” from April 17 to 21.

Deep down in the womb of the earth at more than 20 meters under the surface, the Gessi Underground Experience is the metaphor of the inner path that has to be taken to gain back contact with the most profound part of oneself, a psychological journey under the surface of the mind that leads to “recover” of one's most pure identity, to reveal a primordial energy that can be retrieved for the wellbeing of the man in the future.

Being in a yard means, also by means of a metaphor, to work the matter of which the depths are done. A place where everything is in flux and unfinished allows for a unique imaginary experience. To propose a path in a physical space that actually speaks of a mental process is an unprecedented and courageous challenge” says psychologist Donatella Caprioglio, a Professor at Paris University, who permanently collaborates with Gessi Academy. What is offered in this experience is a different way to access to one's emotions and fears.

Starting from an outer easy, known, surface, the visitor descends into the interiors of the earth and himself, where he loses his security, touches fragile walls, is confronted with strong emotions, and evocative elements as fire and water. He gets lost to finally gain back hold of himself in some sort of a backward path towards the recovery of an original state of profound peace and well-being. This passage from stress to bliss reveals metaphorically the philosophy of the Gessi Private Wellness Credo and the concept of the new iSpa Collection.

Once again, Gessi stands out for originality as at Fuorisalone 2012 the company proposes the unexpected, not a product exhibition, but an inner experience, a very unusual one indeed, which shows how Gessi, in its constant research, does not attend to objects and their design only, but also to subjects, pursuing the highest quality, of the product as well as of the life of its users. As Gessi considers living a home the very essence of man, its research goes beyond mere style, to create products that explore new concepts for tomorrow's dwelling.

The concept of the Gessi Undeground Experience embodies the Gessi engagement in the research of a design that places at the center of the project the person, that very “I” that the name of the new Collection iSpa recalls and around whom the whole environment is conceived. iSpa (designed by Prospero Rasulo) is a philosophy before being a collection of products; it combines the most contemporary Hi-Tech with the spiritof the age-old spa, or wellness through water. With an ethical approach to design and production the Gessi bathroom becomes not only high-tech, but “hi-touch”, the very embodiment of a creativity and manufacturing credo that brings together design and ethics, environmental awareness and the fulfillment of new needs and desires of the people for their homes: the Gessi Ethic Design.

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