Oscar Vidal designs the new Lobby of Ambassador Hotel in Benidorm

News Infurma31/07/2013

The lobby of the Ambassador I Hotel in Benidorm (Spain), has opened completely renovated last spring. This hotel, located in C/Gerona No. 39, in what is known as the English area, is located on a very active leisure area of the city. The interior design projects has been carried out by Oscar Vidal Quist.

The lobby takes the form of a cosy enclave, with organic pillars and a design that plays with light.

The concept that ruled the design was a riverbed with stones eroded by water and wood bleached by the sun. The natural aesthetic makes use of organic and soft shapes, with droplet-like pools of light that were sunk into the ceiling.

The design team wished to communicate a fresh modernity together with a more particular and special character which reflected the light of the Mediterranean. The primary aspects of the intervention included stone pilars and benches, the ceiling work with organic shapes and the white wood lattice to sieve the light.

Dynamic illumination was the icing on the cake in the design, so that the atmosphere in the lobby could by changed to reflect time of day or the requirements of the occasion, instilling an ambience that could vary at the flick of a switch from cool and cosy to mysterious and magical.

Source: Oscar Vidal Quist

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